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Raven Detail

Client: DC Comics
Media: Strathmore Drawing paper, pencil, PITT pen, Adobe Photoshop for colors

Here's a detail of Raven from a just-complete variant cover for an upcoming issue of DC Comics' TEEN TITANS. I'm not even sure what the issue number is! It was fun drawing Raven up close, and Wonder Girl is always a treat.

The full cover is here: [link]
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Thanks for making me think Olga Kurylenko would make a lovely Raven!
I'm probably late with this comment but has anyone noticed that she looks like a young Catherine Zeta-Jones?
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Wow, that's amazing detail :)
Mair-Gra-Fhidil's avatar
Freakin' love your artwork. It is too beautiful. :)
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exelente muy buenos trabajos
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Amazing work! Raven is my favorite Titan, and you DEFINITELY did her justice!
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I can't stop watching it. Great work!
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i love this <3
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You just have to loooove this ferocious expression!
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice use of a splash of highlight on the face. It really contrasts well with the darkness of her hood. Interesting how the viewer's eye moves horizontally when looking at her face.
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Thanks. I made my "hooded girl" mistakes on an earlier STAR WARS Snow Bunny Padme piece: without that highlight, the person's face looks pasted into all that fabric.
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The problem with the face on your snow bunny piece is that the contrast is to dark and makes the face look odd. Especially with Yoda's face having highlights.

You did really good with this and I just love how the highlight draws us to her eyes and lips.
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I forgot to mention the framing of her eyes with mascara was a nice subtle choice.
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Amazing!!! I really love Raven, she's gorgeous :heart:
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Teen Titans = <3

Raven = <3 <3

This Picture of Raven from Teen Titans = <3333333333
beautiful she is.
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Hello! This beautiful work was featured in my journal [link] :floating:
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Thank you very much!
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