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Power Girl

By AdamHughes
My Sistine Chapel. Probably one of my most successful covers, if not the toppermost of the poppermost.

Still, not 100% what I was shooting for. I was going for making the cover look like Power Girl was laying on a bed with white comforter and plaid sheets if you viewded it from a distance, and then as you got closer you realized she was actually 10,000 feet in the air.
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Tremendously amazing!!! top cover for Peegee!!
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Beatifull boots powergirl
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And this one inspired me this ! ^^

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Troy : The true Story - Night 004 by Musclelicker
I used to have a poster of this!
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...definitely my favourite piece of Yours. Her relaxed pose and smile show what it is to be superhuman, unladen by all the probems we mortals have...:)
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Very, very nice.
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I love this cover
Omg this piece has been my favorite for YEARS!! I have the poster!
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Adam I love your work I'm a grrat fan. Is there any way that this drawing can be madr into a figure for collectors.
So this is your cover.  Wow, nice work.  I have this issues somewhere in my comic collection and always admired the cover.  It's like PG hired one of the great renaissance artists from the past to do a painting of her in the air.  Like you say, a Sistine Chapel piece :)
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The shortcut is amazing.
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What an amazing cover! I'm totally jealous of all of the great work you get to do!
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I really love this one! My favorite all the time.
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