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Playboy Illustration
By AdamHughes   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: January 16, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 AdamHughes
Here's an illustration I did last fall for this February's issue of Playboy magazine.

***OK, it's NOT John McCain; it's one of my g*****n accidental likenesses. If you WANT it be John McCain, that's fine; it's not like he's busy right now.

***Mature Content Update****

Since someone 'reported' this piece, DA has put a 'Mature Content' label on this deviation. WHERE, I don't know, because it's not showing up on my monitor anywhere.

So, the Big Debate can be ended; someone slapped a label on the silly thing. I apologoze for not reading DA's article defining mature content as regards to items posted on their site.

Since the Mature Label has been placed firmly on this dangerous piece of propaganda, and therefore cancers have been cured, poverty ended, and terrorism defeated in our lifetime, I think we can all MOVE ON.

Please go pick on someone else; I'm still smartin' from the Mary Jane fiasco...

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Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Ben-J-Kirby-TennysonStudent General Artist
Heellllooo lady!
lordrueben's avatar
lordruebenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it!!  I wish you would do more in this style!
OriginalNick's avatar
Shit man.. I thought that cropped version was the whole picture.. then I can across this! I love the pink, and I hate pink, but the whole negative space thing is cool. 
Wingsley's avatar
It's definitely McCain.

But now, the burning question: are they "real"?

Great artwork!
Vivinee's avatar
The pink goes perfectly in this.
Psynic's avatar
People are funny.
I lived in New Zealand for a while. Equality for all, no laws against being topless, go topless in public to your heart's content, whatever gender you are. It's all legal, and everyone's fine with it.
In fact, one of the Politicians who was born in the UK objected to an annual Boobs on Bikes parade that runs through the main streets of the big cities every year. They wanted it banned.
They were advised, very politely, that the government understood their objections and that, if they were deeply offended, they were free to go home to the UK where such things are illegal, but New Zealand law wasn't going to change.
Awesome. :D
Like your pic, really. Awesome. ;)
scorpionet69's avatar
Being topless is legal in my city because of a lawsuit demanding if men and can do it why not women. Well the liberal women won and cops cannot arrest women because they are showing off or when breast feeding. If kids see it so what? They were probably fed on them. Whoever flag you should not be in this website anyway because they do not the meaning of deviant art. 

So keep on making great work, I'll give you many green flags!!!
IAmChimmieArt's avatar
IAmChimmieArtProfessional Traditional Artist
Love it!
Mexican-pepper's avatar
Nice coloring
Rob-Satanta-K's avatar
Rob-Satanta-KHobbyist General Artist
Cool painting, and its way more pg-13 than most movies 'kids' are allowed to see nowadays. Some censorship cracks me up!
TheRealLucieth's avatar
TheRealLuciethStudent Digital Artist
Mature tags are purely so kids aren't exposed to nudity. Or people who doesn't want nudity. And she's got her tits out. 
Great illustration none the less. I didn't know people didn't read the rules on forums before joining especially since you've been here so long. :D
Stan92057's avatar
"Since the Mature Label has been placed firmly on this dangerous piece of propaganda and therefore cancers have been cured, poverty ended, and terrorism defeated in our lifetime, I think we can all MOVE ON."

i think that was uncalled for. You publish that image in playboy who can only sells to adults 18 and over and you make light of the site rules that allow teens as members? Not very adult of you i have to say saddly
kiichigochan's avatar
kiichigochanHobbyist Digital Artist
omg... why people make so much noise?!! they're only a pair of boobies!!!! it's not anything explicit! there are a lot of pics on DA that are MORE explicit than this and no one have put a mature tag on them!!!!
By the way, your art is always beautiful  Mr. Hughes! *-* you're one of my most fav artists!
ConfidentialReporter's avatar
Hilarious how edgy old Deviant Art has mutated into another cannibal's kitchen of PC behaviour.

It's perfectly drawn bare boobs, not BDSM or something.

Don't humans breastfeed any more for crying out loud?

It's great.
Dragonblaze87's avatar
Love all the Pinkness and Amazing job on her breasts
MrG00's avatar
MrG00Professional Digital Artist
Hey, Mr. Hughes I don´t like to bother you but i would like for you to know that your playboy image has been in other sense stolen (downloaded) and used in facebook banner... i think you have right to know.

here is the image

The facebook profile it´s located
untanglehana's avatar
untanglehanaStudent Traditional Artist
I loooove this. Is this done all in photoshop?
LeonardoIpe's avatar
I loved your Mary Jane.
borkington's avatar
hahaha, i totally thought that was McCain as well, but its way funnier that way. Great work.
beefers's avatar
beefersHobbyist Artist
sweet Jebus I wish you did more erotic/mature content. Your work is -as always- incredible.
CrankKitty's avatar
I like how her shirt blends with the bg.
The pervy old men are a nice touch too, heh.
Cheers to your excellent work.
TheRealPonyboy's avatar
TheRealPonyboyHobbyist Filmographer
Those ta-ta's are bodacious!
Mbembe's avatar
MbembeProfessional Digital Artist
That is hot Dude Please Check my drawing.
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