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Pilot Leia

This is a trading card I did for Topps' STAR WARS Galaxies 5 card set, released today.

Before anyone gets confused, this is from the very first Star Wars novel, SPLINTER OF THE MIND'S EYE (1978), by Alan Dean Foster. It starts off with Luke and Leia flying to a diplomatic mission on one planet only to be forced into a crash-landing on another. Luke was in his X-Wing, and Leia was piloting a 2-seater Y-Wing with Threepio. I'm assuming Leia wasn't doing this in her white robes....

I guess I always liked the idea of Leia in the rebel pilot flight gear.

10" X 14", pencil & ink on 3-ply Strathmore Series 500 illustration board, then colored in Adobe Photoshop CS2.
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RIP Carrie Fisher.
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:thumbsup: This is pretty cool.
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First ever imaging of Leia as a pilot?

Now it's official in Dark Horse's new Star Wars ongoing series!
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Do you have any prints of this, or is it a Topps exclusive?  If so, do they have any prints (roughly poster size) of this picture?  I'm in a mad search for non-Slave-Leia prints.
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awsome love Splinter of the Mind's Eye
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This is a really great idea and it was beautifully executed. It would have been pretty awesome to see Leia work as a fighter pilot during the Death Star run.
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Sorry, princess. But you're not getting that helmet on over those buns.
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I love it! Totally fits "Mind's Eye"!
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Wow this is awesome Leia does pilot ships in the EU too :)
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I'm just happy to see her in something other than the slave bikini. Great work as always.
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Did the R2 unit that Leia is using get named? :)
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Superb! I love it! she was more hands on than the movies showed, I'm sure. Brilliant work!
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Hey, I saw this picture about three months ago and I wondered by who it is :D Well, finally I know it... Great!
just one question, how does she get her helmet on over that hairdo?
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
For safety reasons, she'd have to be in pilot gear ;)
Still, this is a fantastic image :clap:
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I wonder buy one HQ of yours.... if it come to brasil
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This is now my favorite depiction of Leia!!
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This is a wonderful idea! Very well met!
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Brilliant! How did you do that?
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