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Mina and The Monster

By AdamHughes
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A LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN drawing, done at HeroesCon in Charlotte this past weekend. The quickest way to get a decent sketch from me is to pick subject matter I love. LEAGUE is my favorite comic, hands down.

Done in a bound sketchbook with Copic markers.

AND if you read the darn comic, you'd know he's not copping a feel, he's feeling her heartbeat. :-)


Wow! Lots of comments on this one! Just to clear up some things, for those who have no idea what's going on...

SHE is Mina Murray, from Bram Stoker's DRACULA.

HE is Edward Hyde, from Robert Louis Stevenson's THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.

Those shapes in the back ARE the Martian Tripods from H. G. Welles' WAR OF THE WORLDS.

You can find all of them (and more!) in THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, Vol. II, by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill.
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I love how the designs was adapted to your style. They seems like the original vertions.

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Having just finished what, sadly, is supposed to be the last ever LoEG, I tried putting "Mina Murray" into DA, and this is what came up. It's excellent. ;P Thank you.

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SB1925 Traditional Artist
A fascinating(and to my mind deeply EROTIC) study of tenderness and vulnerability. Hyde can crush solid steel likd tinfoil yet his touch on Mina's bosom is so gentle he can feel her heart beat like that of a tiny trapped bird. In the graphic novel, after exchanging a kiss with Mina he shyly(almost timidly) asks to be allowed to place his hand on her breast. She hesitantly approves(whilst I don't think that he would intentionally hurt her, Hyde doesn;t know his own stregth- he could snap her spine like a rotten twig)!
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tultsi93Hobbyist Artist
Thanks. Now Beauty and the Beast is ringing in my head.
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Okay, this so damn amazing because I was not fond of the original style. (Let's be honest, I wasn't fond of Vol II at all- so much gross stuff- but eh. Had to read it for uni. What can you do). Seeing this scene drawn like that..I didn't know I wanted it until now but it is *nice*
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In my opinion, the Vol. 2 could be better, but it´s my favorite, so...

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TD-CamperHobbyist Digital Artist
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which one's the monster? Hyde or the Martians? ;)
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Foxx1042Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is he touching her boobs.
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Power-of-PassionHobbyist Digital Artist
Uhhhhh... Is his hand on her boob?
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his personality is... wario-ish, a blunt, violent sociopath, but he later acts slightly more sympathetic. still, he is a flawed hero. the invisible man, who knocked up schoolgirls and wanted to conquer the world, got raped, killed, and eaten by mr hyde.
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Wait, Hyde doesn´t eat Griffin, he only rapes him

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No, he does. I read the comic, in the comic I had he puts us corpse on a table and eats it.

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he was going to sacrifice himself to save the world, and he asked to feel her boobs before he dies.
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Really wissh that they woudl do another volume/mini-series of Extraordinary Gentlemen, then they could hire you to do the whole thing (covers & interior artwork).   Your depictions of the classic characters are brilliant.  And for the record, I got the whole artwork before I even read your comment, and everything was and is pretty clear, especially the classic Literature references.  Until you pointed it out, it didn't even occur to me that Hyde was copping a feel.  Hah!  bet he did anyway.
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samurai-jirafuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great design!
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TheWarden-DrBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
adam hughes has a flow no one can touch. he just has it 
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Joto95Professional Digital Artist
Absolutely love the line and colour
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GeotrixQueenStudent General Artist
The film's been a naughty pleasure of mine (I can't help it. Rodney Skinner and the Dante-Beast kick major booty). But Hyde....I love him so much more in the comics then the film. Yes, he's an animal, and damn was he a brute with what he did to Griffin (though I shed no tears on that. The Invisible Man had it coming a mile away), but damn he's the face of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I miss his border-line Cockney attitude. :(

Nonetheless, I absolutely love this picture. The Hyde in the comic seemed to regress into a more human form once he started to realize his "love" for Mina, but this image still has him as a goblin with enough humanity in him so as not to look like a full on monster. Bravo! :iconbwavoplz:
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baronessofbladesHobbyist General Artist
The only time where Hyde and Jekyll were one.
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I really like this illustration.
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