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Mara Jade Detail

By AdamHughes
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A detail from the Mara Jade STAR WARS card (see my gallery).


An alert fan :iconmothramonk: just notified me that I got Mara's eye color wrong. I just fixed it, sent it to TOPPS, and hopefully it'll make it in to the final set (the presses are rolling as we speak, they tell me).
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If this gets any better, I doubt my computer could handle it. Great!
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This is awesome! If I ever get a chance to cosplay Mara Jade, I'm basing it off of this piece. Thanks for the incredible art!
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This piece of fantastic artwork swayed my Girlfriend to Cosplay Mara Jade with me! thanks for that! and thanks for the amazing artwork!
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This actually looks a little like Lois from Smalville :).
Madmoonie's avatar
Your style, its so so simple yet it conveys so much. Its gorgeous!
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Ahhh the skin looks so awesome and the hair!!! I love how no one else in the comic industry even comes close to AH! artwork!!
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Hi Adam,

Sideshow Collectibles has mentioned that they're working on a Mara Jae Premium Format/Maquette/Polystone statue based on your Mara Jade artwork. WOOHOOO!

*Ahem* anyway there is a thread on the Sideshow Freaks board about this and it has been brought up that Mara resembles Gemma Arterton.

When comparing a pic of Gemma Arterton from "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" she does have quite the resemblance.

What I'd like to know is who, if anyone, did you base Mara's likness on?

Thanks and I'm a big fan of your work!
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I didn't base Mara off of any one person in particular.
Thank you for your kind words!
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i look at her and i get this image of my character from mass effect with long curly hair :o weird
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Love The way you illustrate hair
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Happened to read the Neal Adams comments and I gotta say, you ARE the Neal Adams of our time. (Okey, maybe you and Alex Ross, but still :P)
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beautiful! did you draw this from scratch? theres a similarity between her and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine :D
AdamHughes's avatar
Well, I used some reference for the lighting, but I've never heard of Florence Welch...

(Googles the name)

Ah, I see the resemblance.
guilhermewonsik's avatar
You're the best ever

In my studio (actually a room with my draw table and stuff) I have two walls full of your da drawings, to use for inspiration and all

Awesome, thanks

Btw I used to buy DC comics just to see your cover arts haha
Man your stuff really reminds me of Alphonse Mucha's work. I like the line quality and the way the movement directs your eye. Nice.
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Nice detail.
Skywalker, you lucky bastard.
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it resembles a lot barbarella!
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this is amazing!!
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nice pixel art, man I just love seeing this medium style. great job
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'Pixel art'.
I've never seen/heard it referred to that way... :-)
Thanks for the kind words!
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