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Dirty Pair

By AdamHughes
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Kei & Yuri, the Dirty Pair.... a variant cover done for Dark Horse Comics back in the 20th Century. At the time, I wondered if I should have drawn them in a manga/anime style, but I thought that the reason you hire different artists is to get different interpretations.

I still think this peice is pretty decent.
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Extra points if you have a artwork of Lester Girls and the Dragon Lady [with vacuum cleaner and pearls]
Kei [check]
Explosions ensue !

Love to see your interpretation of the battle with Shasti!
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i love your style it's fantastic work good job master *o*
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Love your depiction of the dirty pair!
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This rocks, and by default, you do as well.
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This looks really awesome, but why such a small pic? I can't see all the awesome details, even in the download version... :cry:
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I know that very often when I look at your art I always think something along the lines of: "F**************************A man! That man can F*&%$#in' do women like no other! I wish I was Adam Hughes long enough to do a couple pics." Of course that leads to tangent thoughts about body switching that aren't really relevant to the topic I'm going for here.
But, it's not *just* the hotties, you do such a phenomenal job with all of it and the bike they're on is another great example. Everytime I see your pieces I like the WHOLE piece. I've been a fan for years and will be for many more, thanks for all the great work.
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I saw the original dirty pair when I was like 12. mind totally blown. this rocks.
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I am a huge anime, manga and comic book fanatic, and Dirty Pair has always been one of my favorites. Kei and Yuri crack me up. I think that the realistic take on them is pretty awesome and really unique. Everyone always draws them anime style, which is just peachy keen and fine but I love your take on this picture.
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Gracias maestro!
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Wish it was bit bigger. Would of liked to seen the pair with a different style.
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Would like a larger version. From what I can tell though, awesome.
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Exactly, love your style!
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This is my favorite. :heart:
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this was the BEST variant cover of them all and even bought the comic twice just for your kick ass cover work!
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I remember seeing this in the back cover of some magazine here when I was little. And it was you who drew this! World is small AND truly global... o__o
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One of my most favourites. Kei and Yuri are such trouble.
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It realy you made that?:D I finaly found youuuu:D i still have the comic book of dirty pair from i was younger :D And i like the motorbike space thing=):la:
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This cover does justice to the Lovely Angels I love it!

I just dug up my old Dirty Pair comics and re-read them for the first time in over a decade. I really enjoyed the adventures those two got into but to be honest if they were to come back (and I SERIOUSLY hope they do someday!) it may time to re-invent them.
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I want this in high quality!
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I sure do miss those gals...
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Admirable! lol
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would like to see this bigger without having to buy it ;)
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Is it just me or are these pics smaller now?

Fantastic gallery by the way!
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