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Dejah Thoris

By AdamHughes
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Another Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars convention sketch. She sure is fun to draw. I think because Burroughs (edgar Rice, not William S) describes everyone on Barsoom (that's Mars to all you Muggles & Mundies) in naked. So, trying to imply royalty with no clothing is kind of a fun challenge.

Pencil, Pitt pens, Copic markers, & white calligraphy ink on 11" X 14" Bristol Sketch paper.
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© 2009 - 2020 AdamHughes
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Excellent work 
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blakjak21Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lov it, grat work
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mypreciuussHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing work sir
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Wow that is great.
The background really builds up her, makes her really "pop"~
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ConnerKonElHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just saw this not 40 minutes ago and I have to say after all the rumors I've heard of the actress performing the role of Dejah, I am sold on the idea of her being Wonder Woman!!

That's an interesting point too, I never thought of how one could imply royalty without clothing...
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rocketapoloHobbyist General Artist
know that I can use to give the white color for shine?
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im just amaze
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You just have to love Dejah Thoris! Your work is going to make me pull out and dust off my John Carter of Mars series.

Awesome illustration!

Bravo! :clap:
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khurrumjProfessional Digital Artist
One of the best renditions.
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khurrumjProfessional Digital Artist
One of the best renditions.
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SchnuggelschneggeStudent Traditional Artist
Wow she is sooo sexy :omfg:
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when i grow up i wanna be adam hughes.
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Curious, how long does it take you to do a sketch like this completely? I am amazed at the amount of detail and skill put into something drawn at a convention.
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Fine drawing!
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punxgirlHobbyist Artisan Crafter
what is it about Edgar Rice Burroughs char. that one can spot them in art from a mile away??....any how LOVE this.
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MonikaLoesserProfessional Traditional Artist
Her "royalty" would be clear to see even without the crown and trappings. This is absolutely stunning.
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TicoDrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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luciasekHobbyist Photographer
Awesome. It reminds me Alfons Mucha work. [link]
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Very beautiful. Saw the other Deja Thoris sketch you had, love the clean linework and seeing the sketch process.

I recently got some copic markers, and can't wait to try them out. I've never used them before. I know there are different sets of gray markers (French Gray, Cool Gray, etc.) for prismacolor and I think also for copic markers. Is there any you would recommend, and should I also get one of those blenders or is that not necessary?
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I like the cool gray markers, for no special reason other than I have used them the most. And I wouldn't use the blender until you gain a proficiency with the markers themselves...

Good luck!

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freakdeartsStudent Filmographer
actually not really naked the term he used was... harnessed
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hah - I was juust about to ask how you managed to keep the white shiny areas soo crisp with the copics - then I noticed the white calligraphy note.


I likes <3
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