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Catwomn 83 Lineart

By AdamHughes
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Here's the lineart to the CATWOMAN 83 cover I just posted (check my gallery to see the color version.... spooky stuff!)
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Man, this one really is cool.
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tthankyoujeevesProfessional General Artist
Incredible. Just incredible.
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fantastic, I liked more than the color version!
the contrast and the composition it's great....
this way without the colors to view how your art is amazing!
keep up the inspiring work!!!
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I like the effect of this lineart better than the color, it capture the retro feel so much more.

Of course it's amazing either way. :P
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talented bastard
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talented bastard
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Reminds me of those old EC covers.
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ReedGuntherProfessional Filmographer
Jeesh, absolutely incredible!
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gastonzubeldiaProfessional Digital Artist
Man!..You're my damn hero!!..Awesome work!!..
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DSilStudent General Artist
Wow. One of the few linearts I've seen than does not in any way require color. This piece is perfect the way it is.
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lyndzapedia Digital Artist
I think I like the plain b/w inked version than the color!
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Man, that is some seriously impressive inking/black and white placement/technique in general. I usually use nibs myself, though every so often I try and batter a brush to my will.

I have a question... Do you use any white ink, or paint, or gel pen, or scratch the board with an exacto -- any way of making things white? As nice as it is to try and make things right the first time, I'm always looking for ways to be able to work back and forth when I need to. What do you use (or are you just that perfect)? : P
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No, I use white calligraphy ink to go back in and correct mistakes, and do sone white-on-black drawing.
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Calligraphy ink... I'll have to look into that. Thanks!
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I use the Winsor-Newton brand. It works best if you pour out an ounce or so into an inkwell (I use bottlecaps from Diet Coke!) and let it sit for a little bit, thicken up.
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Sweet, thanks for the tip!
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
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toegarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice, Looks like a bit like Mike Mignola and Guys' stuff. Very cool
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Absolutely gorgeous, but that's pretty consistent in your work. :3

I was wonder though: How do you always know EXACTLY where to put that shine on costumes? In all of your pieces the highlights always seems so perfect and I can't seem to figure out how you always nail it. Any tips?
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I just look at the real world, see how light plays off of human anatomy... After a while, you get a feel for it.
A tip: a shine on a costume is essentially the same thing as a reflection of a light in a mirror. The only difference is that the human form is a lot curvier and shapelier that a flat mirror. The trick is: figure out where your lighting is coming from, and then the point on the figure where the light source is reflected, for example the curve of Catwoman's breast. OK, now: every other shape on her body will reflect the same light source. The thing is, find the exact spot on all those shapes (arms, legs, head, etc) that matches the spot on her breast that is cathing the reflection.

Here's a cood practice....

Look at a couple of pool balls on a billiard table. See how the light sources illuminating the table are reflecting on the surface of all the balls, and pretty much identically? That because they are all the same shape, and are lit by the same lights. Now, but an exually reflectinve object, but of different shape, next to one of the balls. A glass of beer (which is a cylindar) or a cermaic bowl turned upside-down. Any shpae will do. Not how the lights refelcted on the balls are also reflected on the new objects, but in different ways.

That's the first step tp figuring it all out...

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WOW! Thank you so very much, sir! You have no idea how much I appreciate this. :>
I like this one over the colored version :)
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Oooh, that's lovely! Great work!
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