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Catwoman Cover 51

By AdamHughes
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Catwoman Cover for DC Comics
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she really that tall though? 6ft 6?
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66" = 5'6"

Though I'm a little confused about the scale on the left. Must be cm (plus 1m I think)

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Been trying to find if I can buy a poster of this somewhere, but no luck. Shame, it's a fantastic cover
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There's one on Amazon. Bit pricey at $113 USD.

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One of the best...
Very good man !!!
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This was a favorite at first sight, it has a gritty realism and sense of satire while giving a peek behind the curtain so to speak at the less glamorous aspects of costumed hijinx.  Also like all your Catwoman imagery, even at her low point this Selena Kyle is still dangerously beautiful and able to drive anyone with eyes to distraction, amazing work!
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God tier talent on display here!
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Adam, has someone already sent you this?…
Thought you would like the reference/homage.
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It's all about the numbers.
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"Put Her In Cell 19"
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That is a really beautiful Catwoman.
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This is truly awesome!!! I showed this to my brother and he though it was a real person! haha
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One of my favourite covers of all time
Great job sir
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Now why didn't she look like this in the game? This is way sexier. :D
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LOST numbers on the sign...epic!
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I wonder how they caught her? Was it all the sound her custom made when she walked?
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One of my favorite covers of that series. Took me FOREVER to find a copy of that comic!
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really nice !!
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This is just a great picture.
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:iconiloveitplz: Mee-oww. Sublimely sexy and very, very awesome... iconic and interesting! :D
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