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Catwoman 83 Detail

By AdamHughes
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Here's a detail of Selina's face from the recent CATWOMAN 83 cover, because someone asked very nicely.
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Audrey Hepburn first thing I thought!
can i please print it on a shirt?
or should i say purries?
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shes gotta be based off of audrey hepburn
they look exactly the same
drawntolife13's avatar
Looks like Audrey Hepburn. Isn't that what the creator was going for?
studmuffintommee's avatar
No words to describe this... The Perfect Catwoman!
MentorErico's avatar
you, sir, are doing it right
Tim-d-studio's avatar
Dude- that's awesome.
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Uhm....I have to ask you this : Is this the official look of Catwoman ? In Italy there is a comic book , Julia , which also the protagonist is based on Audry Hepburn...But she is on the justice side .
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This is epic. >w< She looks so appropriately feline.
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You have some really amazing work, very well done, love your comic style!
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awesome! idol!
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I thought it was a picture
very nice as usual. do me a favor, if you have the time- compare your gleam to the one on my peice 'an amazon'.
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Audrey Hepburn in a much finer outfit
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love her face expression
Chibi-Iroh's avatar
is it just me or does she look like Aubrey Hepburn?
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I was thinking the same!
pandayumiko55's avatar
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;A; i want to fave your entire gallery!!!:la:
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Damn you're just too good Adam... the more I see your works, the more I get urges to improve my own painting skills. I would to get better with digital painting too, but I find photoshop so hard to use for some reason, I can't seem to create a style that is my own... argh. I still got a long road ahead, much practice awaits.

But anyways, you're definitly one of my fave artists.
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mr. hughes, may i have your permission to draw this image? it would be such an honor. what i want to do is draw it only in pencil and sharpie. if not, its totally fine. and if you give me your permission, i will post it on here since it'd be fanart.
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