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Catwoman 48

Catwoman 48 cover.

I miss doing CATWOMAN covers. I wanted to do more like this, in the murky film noir setting of Gotham City and its environs. I kinda like how Selina is disappearing into the shadows, and you can only tel her from from her leathery highlights.

On this one, Selina is actually witnessing a doppleganger of herself get shot, off-panel (it's OK; its a setup she concocted, with the doppleganger's aid, to fake her death). We didn't want to give away the end of the issue, but we knew it was the Big Moment and should be on the cover.

Penicl and ink on Strathmore illustration board, with Photoshop CS2 colors.
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a work of art. masterpiece truly
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love all the covers you did for this series <3 also the collection of prints including several of the cat woman covers are gorgeous! You did an amazing job of capturing the feel and emotion of this character
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Great piece. Catwoman was always one of my favorite characters. I love how you blended her into the shadow and still the few light spots are enough to indicate her body.
FabianFriethjoph's avatar
48 volume 3 to be notd - in 48 volume 2 she still had her violet suit.
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never talk about tumblr, its a realy weird site, and rebloging isnt a hobby, altho my short visit to it proved that geting the most followers is easy if you just post naked women all day every day. so i left
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!!!!! sooo sexy
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WOW this looks like a freaking photograph!! :D A W E S O M E!!!
sharkylee's avatar
This is one of my fav!!!
Romulennon's avatar
I saw this somewhere years ago and thought it was awesome! Now I know it's yours it just got awesomer!
ramenmug's avatar
Great work (!) I've seen your stuff in ImageFX magazine so I had to come see for myself o u o
CostumesbyCourtney's avatar
DC let you get away with drawing nipples on a cover?
AdamHughes's avatar
Maybe they didn't notice?
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I think the thing I like the most about your cat woman is how much she looks Audry Hepburn.
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Hah! I love it! I just saw this in my local comic book store the other day and thought, "finally someone gets catwoman." Your work is very inspiring!
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o love her so much!
your art is sooooooo great! just beautiful!
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Stunning! One of the best cover images I've seen. :)
gtartwork's avatar
great! im working on a scetch of batman villians with cat woman in their.. i would like to get your opinion.
Bilgekhan's avatar
Very beautiful :D
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I like the way you draw Catwoman, and her face. The way you make her face look makes her interesting. awesome pictures!
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