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Batwoman Lineart

By AdamHughes
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Here's the grayscale lineart to the Batwoman cover I just posted. Check my gallery to see the final version, colored on Photoshop.

Grayscale Copic marker on Strathmore Drawing paper.
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Fantastic work.
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SixGunslingerProfessional Traditional Artist
And just when I think I've seen all you can do... *expletive!* you're a boss!!! xD
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I know I say it again and again but your Work is so stunning ! I love this Cover !
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Hi Adam! Johan from sweden here.
Must say that your art is the best and it's a great inspiration!!! Any tips how you work with your copic markers and what kind of copic set/pens u use? Do you goe from dark to light?

Your the best dude!
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Copic tips? Let's see...

I work light to dark; it can get splotchy if you try to go into dark areas witha lighter value.

I oversaturate the Copics (since they are refillable) for large areas sometimes, or if I want to get some nice soft edges & blends. I then work in the next darker value while the area is still wet.

I made sure I found a peper that works well with the Copics.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the fast reply and the tips :) appreciate it allot!

Tomorrow I will draw my hands off! :D

Many thanks Adam and once again your art is the BEST!
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gastonzubeldiaProfessional Digital Artist
WOW!!...Love your art!!..
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gastonzubeldiaProfessional Digital Artist
WOW!!!!....Love your art!!!..
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Great composition. I like the physicality that you've given Batwoman, you don't get the impression she's going to just bounce off those guys.

The Question rather gets in the way of the composition, almost a shame she's included.
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Well, the Question is part of the cover. If I didn't draw her, DC would've added her anyways, but drawn by a different artist.
Composition is important, but giving the client what they hired you for is Job One.
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punchyninjaHobbyist Digital Artist
wow! looks great, are the buildings from ref?
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No. These are the cheapest, easiest buildings to draw: rectangles with subdivided boxes for windows.
The trick to making it look 'real' is how you show the light from the rooms. There's a couple things I do that gaurentee a realistic-looking nighttime building for a minimum of work.
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WOW, I really appreciate you posting the grayscale version of this, it's easier to make out the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it.

More of these please!!
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As always! Nicely done!
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NurtStudent General Artist
Obviously it's way too late to make changes, but it may help in future pieces, the street lamp ruins your perspective. For as tall as we assume street lamps to be, "Batwoman" is much too close for it to be so small to her in comparison.
I miss Selena. :heart:
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Thanks for your input, but it's a bit subjective. Not all street lamps are of the NYC-street 20" tall variety. The one is this peice is supposed to be of the decorative 9" street lamps of the kind one sees in parks or in residential shopping districts.
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ClownDomainStudent Digital Artist
great view angle.
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really sharp love it
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
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This-Quiet-StormStudent General Artist
<3's foreverrrr on this. SO good!
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you know i have a question here =] did you use photoshop to get those white lines in her hair?
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No, just white Prismacolor pencil in the marker/drawing phase.
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wow, didn't know the white pencils were so powerful over the marker, i'll have to try that!
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losromanosProfessional Traditional Artist
Amazing ...but How do You do this?
Pencils then colors by photoshop or this is just the gray scale from colored version?
Im wondered :)
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