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Battle of Shiloh WIP

Work-in-progress restoration of Thure de Thulstrup's Battle of Shiloh, published by L.Prang & Co, 1887.

Part of Thure de Thulstrup's documentation of the American Civil War.

It might be a little hard to see what causes the major remaining problem except at download size, but the drop in quality is clear at the larger DA size. Basically, the scanner really over-emphasised some paper texture on the far right, giving bright reflective highlights (also the left, but I've mostly fixed that). It's easiest to see in the rightmost horse; the one that's partially cut off by the edge of the image. The ink in that SHOULD be black and dark brown, but comes out a faded grey because of this issue.

This is somewhat of a mock-up: The version I'm still editing doesn't yet have the colour adjustments applied.

Scanning artefacts have no place in a restoration.

Scan provided by the Library of Congress [link]

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1887 American-published work, hence out of Copyright. Thure de Thulstrup (1848–1930) was Swedish, but he's also out of copyright there due to the life+70 years rule having expired.
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This is really good ^^