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Toward Enlightenment

A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

Thousands of years this race lived with the godly sight of a galactic core which iluminated one side of there world and even out shined their own sun. Living with this sight this galactic marvel became revered by this race who saw it as their god, they beleived it was there goal in life to reach it and become one with there god and be reunited with lost friends, family, and loved ones.

Thousands of years past, many things changed but their belief remained the same and one day their technology provided the means of getting them where they wanted to go. Finally their ships left their system and in stasis embarked on a journey that would take them millions of years to complete. But what will they find? What will be waiting for them once they reach thier god.

ITS FINALLY HERE the new pack from The Luminarium group has been released after many a problem with hosts but its all good now.
Sorry for the long story but I put a lot of thought into this piece and a lot of time and is probably my favorite out of my works to this date.
So enjoy

Detail, tasty tasty details.
Resolution: 7000x16000
DPI: 500
Layers: approx 150
Time: approx 60 hours
Times changed: 4
Times I gave up: 2
Times I threatened my PC with a drop from the second floor out the window: 5
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