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Space 1889 Conspiracy of Silence - Cover

I have only just started to work on Steampunk style images and I think I have the basic rules of it down.
Rule #1 If it doesn't have cogs on it already add cogs.
Rule #2 If it already has cogs... Add more cogs.
Rule #3 EVRYTHING allways needs more cogs.
Rule #4 Add more airships... And cogs

That's about right, right?

Anyway this is my first cover art for the Space 1889 series, its for the book called Conspiracy of Silence and it's pretty sweet especially if you like your Streampunk and space adventures.
Head over to the FB page to get more details: [link]
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Absolutly amazing! I just love it! You are so talented! 
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Yes cogs and airships. Diesel punk is exhaust pipes and airships. Great moodiness.
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Dude, this is nothing short of fantastic! WOW!
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Stunning work!
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Wonderful and magical
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Brilliant but it has only one flaw... to less cogs :)
Yup, you got the idea for sure.
Loving the artwork you created! :)
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looks really neat, i'll check out the book.
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This is so awesome @.@
This is wonderful!
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It remainds me about once of Doctor Who episodes...when the alliens distroided Big Ben... and take the London:D
Ahh...terrible english :D
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Creepy London
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Ha ha, cogs is life ;)

Great Jobs
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This is supremely amazing.

Also... you need more cogs. XD

Great job!
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Wonderful, really inspiring! =)
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