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SHield World Construction

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A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

Here is the second submission from the new Luminarium pack this image is part of a 3-4 part project based on the forerunners from the Halo games, this was inspired mostly from the new game Halowars which is awesome. It shows a dyson sphere type construct which is earthlike on the outside but very hostile as almost all the surface is ice, however inside is a lush utopia with its own artificial sun.
To the left you can even see one of the moons being mined for resources to build the huge thing, me thinks they will be needing some more moon.

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BladeViridianHobbyist Digital Artist
OHH This Very Similar to the concept i have for my story world
A war destroyed the Planet and they decided to build larger artificial planet that would never die
Looks So Beautiful I really would love to live on Shield World when they finish HAHa
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DarkRiku90Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing, imagining that once the Shield World of Halo wars had the surface lush and beatiful, until the flood tainted it
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You wouldn't need to mine out the planet to make the sphere, you can star lift plenty from the star
KarmaAkabane2000's avatar
I wonder how many fortressships could fit inside that?
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Pretty much a Dyson sphere, my second favorite megastructure

Amazing art
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Luisg78Student Traditional Artist
is requiem, truth?
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nikolai60Hobbyist Writer
Yo, hate to be the guy that brings this stuff up but, it seems the news doesn't care about credit:…
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah that image made the rounds a few months back, every damn site and blog showed it, about 2 gave credit and one only because they had used the image previously and asked :ahoy:
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Almost looks like a Dyson Sphere.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
It is a Dyson sphere
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WhaleProbe Interface Designer
Did RT steal your work?…
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Yes and no, actually some dude on Instagram uploaded it and RT just thought it was form him which was a bit stupid of them, but over the past few months that particular image has been used on many many sites and very few bother to find where the original image is from or give credit. I've given up even trying, but thanks for bringing it up :ahoy:
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Interesting...I was under the impression that a Dyson Sphere was several satellites around the star, where as the Dyson SHELL was the inside-out planet. This is a brilliant piece of work, either way.
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CosmicPastelsProfessional Traditional Artist
Inspiring Work
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Hi Adam,
I have finished a book on Exoplanets, created many illustrations in C4D and Terragen and need a representative Image for Type II civilization. This image would be great to use in the book ... I am writing to ask permission because all too often the artist is the LAST one to hear about their work being absconded with sans  proper credit provided.

If I can use the image in the book how would you like credit provided? Also do you have a similar art piece I can use for Type III societies in that chapter?

Marc Dantonio
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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
I've seen this Dyson Sphere posted everywhere online, especially in science articles about astro-engineering. Good work.
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah it gets around, more so recently when the article about possible alien megastructures orbiting a distant star popped up :)
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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
If they weren't comets...
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Reminds me very much of a Dyson Sphere, which is simply amazing. I love this instant favorite. Great work! :D
TheCatagorizer's avatar
It feels very meta to realize that they're not real.
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
A "small" Dyson Sphere with a miniature sun on the inside? Really cool concept! 

It's looks under construction kinda reminds me of the Death Star in Return of The Jedi. 

But how the heck do they keep the miniature sun from scorching the inside of the sphere? And how do they make the gravity travel "outwards" inside the sphere? And how do they do this without making it fall apart? And what about day-night cycles?
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SenorGustardHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome
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