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UPDATE: colour correction, brings out a bit more depth I think

My latest piece depicting a huge galaxy cluster with a very active galaxy collision as the focal point which shows a quasar in action.
This was inspired by an article I read which mentioned that all galaxy clusters in a very large area including our local cluster are all being dragged into a certain part of space. Unfortunately due to the dark dust clouds within the milkyway we cant see whats causing this but they call it the Great Attraction. So this was my idea for what it could be, a massive galaxy with a very very big supermassive blackhole at its core.

Enjoy, there will be cropped detail pieces to follow soonish.

Resolution: 16000x8000
DPI: 500
Layers: approx 100 after merging
Times redone: 3
Times Photoshop crashed: 5
Image size
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© 2008 - 2020 AdamBurn
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dara1hunterHobbyist General Artist
I am in heaven right now. I could stare at your gallery for days <3 <3 <3 
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EpptyStudent Digital Artist
Apparently something like this is gonna happen with our galaxy too
Me-Likey-Very-Much's avatar
yes, with andromeda in roughly 1.4 billion years i think
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EpptyStudent Digital Artist
I thought it was 4 billion?
Me-Likey-Very-Much's avatar
yep, your right.
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EpptyStudent Digital Artist
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ZeroGamingOFFICIALHobbyist Interface Designer
This is amazing, very good job. This is going to happen with our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy but we won't be alive then thankfully haha
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BadymWolfHobbyist Filmographer
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Testicular-DiscoHobbyist Photographer
any way to get the full resolution image? I think my computer can handle it. XD
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philphilosProfessional Photographer
I would have love to make this in 3d and render this, though it may crash my system as well lol! spectacular work my friend!
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ArtTraveller77's avatar
ArtTraveller77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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sstefanov700Hobbyist Photographer
No words can describe this ...
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blackCRYSTALeyesStudent Traditional Artist
omg those space pictures are so beautiful O______________________O you open my eyes o.O i cant stop looking at them
I would like to me there :clap:
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Iron-StarHobbyist Photographer
That's just beautiful.

Would you mind if I used this in a stock image?
All credit will go to you etc
I'll also link you the image.
Thank you. =)
AdamBurn's avatar
AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Id really rather you didn't, sorry its just that the image was never intended to be used as a stock
Iron-Star's avatar
Iron-StarHobbyist Photographer
That is totally fine. ^^
I'd just thought to ask just in case. =)
glad I did. =)
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, all too often people just take the image anyway :ahoy:
Iron-Star's avatar
Iron-StarHobbyist Photographer
Yeah I know the feeling. =)
Its beautiful all the same!
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edumicroProfessional Interface Designer
I loled at "photoshop crashed: 5 times"... hehe Stupid program... :P Anyway, love this piece, this makes me try some space art. :P
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ikuto12309Hobbyist Photographer
One of my favorites! I keep this as my wallpaper :]
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How so you do such amazing work
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Chinahat242Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate you.......

By saying this I am expressing how much jealousy I have for you.
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Thugnastay227 Photographer
Mind blowing
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