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January 15, 2008
Pillars of Hope by *Phoenix-06 is amazingly done! Fantastic lighting and great composition make this a really outstanding work of sci-fi art!
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Pillars of Hope

UPDATE: ive just uploaded a wallpaper pack here it is


So here it is my latest space scene. Ive been working on this piece for almost 2 months now and went through many stages until i reached the final piece you see here, the planet alone took about one month including the huge light spires, the city and the huge spage dock ejecting out of the planet.
i wanted to create something along the lines of my other piece Fractured Tranquility, in other words i wanted to create another original piece, something that hasnt been done before and im happy with what i came out with.
Using alot of new techniques i managed to create something epic and original and hopefully inspiring. So lets get onto what you can see, the main focal point is the large planet half of which is coated with a huge city with massive beams of light ejecting from the planet (these will be explaned later on in a journal as will the story behind the planet) also a moon which is being energised by one of these pillars of light so it can be given power. another sight is the huge space tower, a giant tower that stretches deep into space and is used as a docking station, living space, and everything else required for a small self contained country to function, around that can be seen several smaller towers from the cities.

So I hope you like this new piece and keep an eye out for the journal explaning the whole story behind this piece and keep an eye out for another montage piece showing of some of the more detailed areas of this piece.

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BigDame77's avatar
what's the story with the beams of light coming out of the planet and energizing the moon and the planet's history? 
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WOW.  "And now ladies and gentlemen, we will take a two day elevator trip to the top of our vertical continent.
XelfrepuslaX's avatar
I thought they were meteors art first and was about to say Pillars of Death xD.
Yushimarukun's avatar
One of the best things I have seen of your work... and I have seen some amazing things... you truly are a genius
Borzok's avatar
This just gave me an idea of an entire planet that was modified into a space craft. This picture seems like that. Imagine! Instead of taking a fleet of space ships through space you just take the entire planet with you.
AdamBurn's avatar
It's an idea that has been played with a few times in the past I have seen at least one image on Deviant Art that shows something similar a planet with huge engines on it. Also you should watch a cartoon series called Invader Zim it's awesome, twisted, and on one episode they find that Mars is actually a space craft much like your idea. Kinda crazy haha :ahoy:
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Kinda reminds me of one of the planets described in the novel "Childhood's End", Sideneus 4, a planet with huge pillars of... something not artificial or natural.
I know this is an original peice, but I am seriously reminded of that.
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NaygonElvanleii's avatar
...don't know why, this is so full of expression, it makes me sad...
LinguaMystica's avatar
:wow: This is amazing like all the other pieces in your gallery! :love:
xDreamx's avatar
Simply wonderful.

Featured on my "talent showcase", istantArt ;)
AdamBurn's avatar
This is just amazingly stunning!
ManFox's avatar
Incredible Picture :wow:

I really love how you did those ';pillars' and how the planets are connected by one of them. really an awesome idea realized into a pic even better :D
EmilLarsson's avatar
Seriously, this most be one of the finest pieces of space-art ever!
RLVcorporation's avatar
amazing space scene :+fav:
ammo-n's avatar
absolute amazing much detail worked out!'s the best planet picture if seen here :clap:

also I like the dark sphere in the image

I hope you are making more such incredible suff

kitnam84's avatar
Amazing!! Nice details, i like the concept so much. =D
Mis-kin's avatar
Hey :wave: ! Your work is here - [link] !
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Probably one of the best planet pictures I have ever seen.
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