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Paradise Lost revised edition

By AdamBurn
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UPDATE: ive just uploaded some wallpapers of this piece, resolutions at
1440x900 (wide-screen)

and 1280x1024

if anyone wants different resolutions then just ask me, and if you want a different piece just ask

So after about 10 hours of additional work and some messing with saturation and colour (most of which failed) ive finished my rework of Paradise Lost. I just could not help myself from working more on it, and i wasnt sure about the size of the supernova, now im happy, the nova is alot more epic and ive added another destroyed planet as well as flames on the distant ring world. Ive also added to the background space but mainly the biggest change is the nova.

Let me know what you think of this version, the old one can be found here [link]

ive also redone the two separate pieces taken from this piece. Theres the one which focuses on the planet which is here [link]
and there is a montage which is here [link]

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PCGOD1Hobbyist Artist

Links are broken

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I've got impressed every time I see this image... very good!
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Hope they have sunscreen....
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deejay21Hobbyist Digital Artist
Considering you only used the basic brushes, this is seriously sick. I just love the exploding planet (I haven't been able to do this, yet). Just brilliant, congrats and fav'd.
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SlenderotyHobbyist Artist
Very amazing!
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ThatAngryCaterpillarHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, wow, wow!
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The fact of 🔥#Planet-X, 🔥the planet of chastisement from the decisive Book as a reminder to the possessors of understanding-minds..
27 - 11 - 1430 AH. 15 - 11 - 2009 AD. 12:26 am
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Priadyrets Digital Artist
How scary, to see how our world is cut in half.

( .   .)
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bluepixelsHobbyist Digital Artist
A dying sun destroys their children :( (Sad)  Fantastic work! :) (Smile) 
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schludaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
love it
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Wonderful work!Poor planet though(≧ω≦)
I'm a student who likes astronomy.I wonder if you mind allowing me to use it in a non-commericial astronomical presentation with a few classmates?
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AnimeFan020Student Digital Artist
What can destroyed life on planet?
- Red giant
- alien civilization
- no Sun

P.s Keep Calm and Love Astronomy :-)
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I was wondering if you have this image or a Montage image at 3840x1080.

If so can I get a copy of this for my dual monitor set up?

If how do i get a copy of both the Montage and the image above at the highest resolution?

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LittleDragonKidProfessional Digital Artist
That is our World one day maybe.
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KaijuMaster107Student Artist
This won't happen in our lifetime thank god XD 
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Miguel-NevesHobbyist Digital Artist
Only (Cool) Catastrophes on MInd.
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10 octillion megatons of force bitches!!!
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DestructoWadHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've just sent in a report, but I found a guy today that stole this piece here:…
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, I have reported it as well :ahoy:
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KennethJensenHobbyist Digital Artist
Just wanted to give you heads up Adam, but there is someone else who is using this aswell: wantedmillionaire.deviantart.c…
the signature is erased aswell...
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AdamBurnProfessional Digital Artist
Booooooo! Thanks, I will ask nicely for them to remove it. Or report them.
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KennethJensenHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem:)
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GrungeTVProfessional General Artist
Hi Adam.
FYI this image was ripped:…
Somebody's already reported it to Lum.
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