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Novus Aeterno Human Dreadnought MkII

Not so long ago we decided that the current design for the Human fleet was a bit too utilitarian, our creative director realised that trends in today's society showed a lean more towards sleek, smooth, and curved designs so he created a few rough side profile concepts for the new Human fleet style which he dubbed the "iPod & Bulldozer" design meaning the ships would have both aesthetic flares from both the rugged utilitarian design as well as a contrasting smooth and curved design.

So I was thrown a load of concepts and I got to work on 3D views of the ships, this is the 2D concept for the Dreadnought as well as the new ingame model that's literally just been finished, no fancy lighting just the ingame model. Changes to the design were made on the fly as is apparent.

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If EVE Online put your ships in game i bet they would have to add a new faction. Good job dude.
mivpus's avatar
Reminds me of the Minmatar Hurricane.
Love the design
eaglesword101's avatar
Once again the sheer awesomeness of your conceptual art being put in game has taken my breath away, Good work guys.
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It has a real striking pose, excellent intimidation effect. Seeing an outline of one looming in some dark cloud/nebula would be freaking EPIC. Heck, seeing an outline of one looming ANYWHERE would be freaking epic, also fall into the category of 'things to run away from'.
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The first step in designing any of the ships was to create a load of profile views, just black shapes to see what would look best for certain types of ship. The dreadnought shape was very important to give a sense of scale and power, glad it worked :ahoy:
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The model looks good, but compared to your concept image it seems to have lost a lot of that sleekness. Your drawing has some sharp edges, especially on the leading edge of the ship, which add to that utilitarian feel, while the model has lots of rounded edges, which take away from that.
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It is an issue when modelling for RTS games especially, in the end we just had to decided that the current model shown is good enough as if we kept changing bits it would take forever and a lot of the detail would be lost seeing as you will rarely see them at such magnification as its an RTS game.
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It really came out very nice. I love the design :) I like the model, but the sketch looks great! There is something very appealing to it. It has that sleek look (the i-pod look) and also looks mean enough. I also like the contrast light and dark spaces on the sketch. Great work all around though :)
masterofThardus's avatar
I rather like it.

I'm hoping that the humans aren't ultra-utilitarian with their ships. I see them having a kind of "rough beauty" about them, kinda like Battlestar Galactica ships (minus the "alligator on skis" look).
Treyos's avatar
Really impressed by the detail on the in-game. Awesome job!
AdamBurn's avatar
Yeah the models are highly detailed
Tr01ka's avatar
Took inspiration from Killzone, eh?
AdamBurn's avatar
Barely, so Killzone has a vertical ship so do hundreds of sci-fi games and films. Also the Killzone vertical ship looks nothing like this ship you only notice it because vertical ships aren't as common as horizontal ones
SkarmoryThePG's avatar
iPod and Bulldozer... I love it.
Desmodeus's avatar
I actually favour the more rugged and brutal style or human vessels, but maybe I've spent too much time looking at Warhammer 40K. :P
AdamBurn's avatar
Yeah they looked ok but we really wanted to do something a little more unusual
Desmodeus's avatar
*for human vessels
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
It's a shame the modelers seem to have thrown out everything but the silhouette for details, I like your concepts much better than the resulting 3D.
DustyKnives's avatar
Whoa. Love the final design.
Soulslayer317's avatar
Its funny when looking at this upside down it kinda reminds me of a knife.
AdamBurn's avatar
Hehe, originally all the Human ships were designed so that they resembled weapons themselves, not sure if it was deliberate but yeah this one reminded me of a knife or sword, our old Cruiser looked like a 2-by-4 with a nail in it
eXecutex's avatar
Aww !! I really want that 3D model xD :) So epic !
AdamBurn's avatar
eXecutex's avatar
Yeah It seems :P You are awesome !
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