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Novus Aeterno Human Battleship

Another redesign 2D concept for the Human Battleship from the MMORTS game Novus Aeterno.
This ship has gone through more redesigns than any other Human ship in the game but finally this design was decided upon.
The side on concept was done by our creative director, I was tasked with doing the 3D view which is now being modelled for ingame use.

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Website: [link]

(All graphics and information are copyright of novus aeterno LLC and Taitale Studios)
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ManganMan's avatar
Ship looks weird, but the concept draw is fine :)
ArcticWolf125's avatar
im sorry to see this design is ditched.. maybe bring it back as a cash shop skin ppl can buy or something. its a unique design lol
Triumviratus's avatar
Strange design. But very impressive.
AdamBurn's avatar
Oddly enough this design has been ditched we have again been redesigning the Human fleet for the greater good, the new fleet is looking good and translates into the game much better.
Triumviratus's avatar
For the good of mankind. Ship designs make me salivate. Every book I write starts with a huge list of my own designs. I sometimes even forge entire chapters just to showcase a design and its abilities. On the subject, I would suggest my new book, "There Can Be Only One". I'd love to share a chapter some day if you are ever interested.
AdamBurn's avatar
Could be interesting, we have recently been doing a lot of new designs I also recently started work on the first alien race in the game the Verunas, probably my favourite ship design I have done.
Triumviratus's avatar
Would be great to see. If you want to see my alien designs of the Galamarr race, take a look in my gallery at the Providence class battlecruiser Antinomy.
ArcticWolf125's avatar
looks like its a ship that can dish out damage as well as take it. i like the design. very nice
nikolai60's avatar
Again you nailed the design to a T. It projects power and effectiveness, without having a doomsday effect of, say, the Dreadnaught. While the Dreadnaught coming at you is something to run away from all the time, seeing a fleet of these coming at you could very well give you the feeling of being rescued...unless they lock weapons of course!
Angelstorm-82's avatar
Pretty cool design. keep it up.
storm-bunny's avatar
This is a very unusual design indeed, but it works well, especially considering the rest of the designs I've seen from you for the game. It feels like two ships connected with a corridor of some kind, and yet you did manage to make it look like one complete design. A very nice result indeed :D
MarkusVogt's avatar
Hi there!:)

just wanted to let you know that your artwork has been featured in my latest journal. Feel free to take a look at:


AdamBurn's avatar
Ah cool thanks :ahoy:
spy12337's avatar
Awesome picture. But tell me, what is its main armaments?
AdamBurn's avatar
What ever you want it to be, all ships in the game are 100% customisable
Desmodeus's avatar
Does the top section detach? Just wondering at the aerodynamic features on a craft that would have some major problem in an atmosphere.
AdamBurn's avatar
None of these would be used in atmosphere, not without some major refits. And no it does not detach, cool idea though
eXecutex's avatar
Adam ! Is that you ?!?! !! EPIC !! Bathoship :P
AdamBurn's avatar
Hello, yes it is me, last time I checked anyway :ahoy:
samurai225's avatar
So coo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GrimSheeper's avatar
Retreat, the giant Z is readying the main weapons!

I'm not mocking these models though, they are amazingly detailed.
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