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No One Left Behind

A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

A recon team touch down amidst fire and death, the aftermath of a huge battle between military forces and giant machines. Once landed one of the recon team spots a marine trying to support themselves with their rifle, she recognizes the marines armour, and a band around his arm, the same as her lovers. She bolts out of the dropship another team member shouts and tries to grab her but she's already just out of reach. The area is like an inferno, and some of the machines could still be active, despite the dangers she runs through it all.

My piece for the new exhibit from the Luminarium dedicated to a man who has given us so much and has enabled The Luminarium to get so far, David Bixler, who was seriously injured serving his country in Afghanistan. This is a tribute to him and the many like him who serve their country with honour, courage and bravery in the face of many dangers.
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This is incredible...but so sad :(
You've been featured here :)
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this has just given me a wee bit of inspiration. thanks dude :)
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Perfect story behind the piece...
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Don't bother with negative comments - they inhibit people's potential. One could go complaining about the superfluous flaws in texture and whatever, but then they're ignoring how truly inspirational and emotively compelling a piece can be...
Art is not to be analysed.
It is to be enjoyed.
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I agree that it's a really beautiful piece, but a little constructive criticism never hurts anyone.
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In retrospect, I agree that I should have phrased it differently..
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Yo make that shit your signature that's beautiful!
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Fig drawn badly and weight is wrong.
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Considering it was one of my first attempts at figure painting, and yes painting, I thought it went ok. No need to try and force your alleged superiority here, if you have critique then say it don't just come up with sly comments.
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the ground looks so very detailed
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I've had this as a desktop wallpaper but until now had no idea who made it.
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Ha that's kinda worrying
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Not too much. It was put up on one of the huge wallpaper websites. Rated neat the top, too, if I recall.
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... : / .... epic again...
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I call this inspiring. I love it!
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Good ol' Nano suit :)

Crysis 1 and 2 are both VERY good games. Think of a more closer to home Halo, with SLIGHTLY more realism.
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This is what the imperial guard should look like :D
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