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A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

The Monolith was found in a system far from the system of Fractured Tranquility and is thought to be where the crystal formation originated. This is the most impressive example of the destructive capabilities of the crystal when exposed to extreme heat sources. This shows the crystal forming directly of the semi-molten core of a planet which has been broken into several pieces and impaled by the growing crystals. Its believed this formation took several decades to get this far and is the primary system for research into this new threat.

I have recently become quite unhappy with some of my works, mainly the backgrounds, unimaginative and bland I'd call them, mainly as I get rather lazy once the main foreground is complete and I don't really plan anything for the background unless its the focal point. So this time I have spent almost as much time on the background as the foreground and I believe it's payed off.

I hope you enjoy this piece.

Time: approx 15 hours over 4 days
Resolution: 5500x8780 (very random)
Layers: approx 200
DPI: 300
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Interesting. I can easily imagine that like being some sort of crystaline starship literally grown from a planet.