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So the new Luminarium Pack is out after some rather large set backs, but now you can all go and look at the amazing work that has been done for the new pack. There was no theme this time so we could do what we wanted.

So here is my first submission from the pack Majolnir's Might, depicting a scene from my own personal project based around a civil war between to human factions, this shows the Paragons latest tool of destruction, a huge dreadnought ship capable of single handedly laying waste to entire fleets and even planets. This scene shows the defending Librian fleet trying to suppress the approaching Paragon fleet..... Rather unsuccessfully I might add.

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Ive been a deviant member for quite a time, not as much as others but i take my time to check on and analyse the images that ive found. Uve got a lot of skill, so ive only managed to find one minor problem in the picture:

1.- The two ships, at the bottom of the picture, their beams seem to cause a mass destruction effect, like a nuclar bomb, still, i could notice that the clouds of the planet arent affected at all, usually they would form a circle around the center of the explosion.

Hope i didnt offended you, thanks for hear my opinion, i liked your work very much. Keep on the good work soldier.