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Galaxy Seeder

Here is the second image I made for the new Luminarium pack The 5th Dimension. Its a very odd concept which shows wha ot would be like of galaxies where born from stars as if the sun where an egg. Very odd indeed, rather abstract

Enjoy and dont forget to visit the Luminarium to see the whole exhibit

Other piece from the pack: [link]
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It's incredibly captivating!
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Holy mother of stars, that is the coolest thing I've ever seen!
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..... How do you do it.
Absolutely incredible. The illusion of light and heat is fantastically real.

I need sunscreen just looking at this!
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Wow. Its like an interstellar being the size of a galaxy!
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it :D
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Awesomeness has no limits with such masterpieces !
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amazing and fantastic art and concept! :D
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Absolutely Beautiful.
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A very strange concept piece I must agree with you there. It's definitely no less wonderfully done, however, and I especially like the balance of colour. You created a fantastic explosion in this piece.
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seeing this makes me feel so little ( also in talent ). *cry* but at the same time *Cry at how amazing this is*
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What's really fascinating, IMO, is that you make the Galaxy Seeder look like an actual organism.

Either way, it's an incredible picture. Easy fav.
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It looks like you won't do any of it unless it's gonna be epic...

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Haha yeah, well I say why make a small explosion when you can make a huge one
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Hahaha, well spoken.
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Any higher res available? Supremely beautiful.
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Sadly not these croped areas are about 50% their original size and each was taken from a 2000 pixel canvas and I will not be showing the full sized images for a while, not till the game is released. There will be 13 of them so I will probably only submit the best.
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