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Galaxy 02

This is a galaxy map I have been working on over the past few days as part of a commission for a browser based MMO game being developed, other artists are working on other parts of the game such as :iconairage: who is doing the illustrations for ships and buildings, small images but very high quality, i was luck enough to see some.
Also a fellow space artist :iconr3v4n: who is making the planets.

This map will eventually have a grid over it and you will be able to zoom into an area and see all the tiny stars, zoom in again and it will bring up a separate image of the local star clusters, I have to make them as well.

Anyway, this went through several stages of development, lots of images being exchanged with scribbles on them showing areas that needed changing, was fun.

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deejay21's avatar
Brilliant galaxy. Was this done in photoshop?
Vaelto's avatar
great effect
Yumiko-Matsumoto's avatar
I'll just say one thing ... Awesome
XelfrepuslaX's avatar
Did you paint that many stars by hand! o.O
Renartus's avatar
I know this is painted but can you believe that the bright white milky center is actually a black hole? :D
JackBosworth's avatar
may I use this as a background to one of my works (non-commercial). Thanks! understand if not
m-angel05's avatar
Very beautiful. How's you get this image?
AdamBurn's avatar
I painted it, mostly using textures and custom brushes
Aust1nrulesall's avatar
Amazing! I spend quite a while on NASA's astronomy pic of the day and I could barely tell the difference between your painting and their pictures. Good job!

Also, is this for Novus Aeterno?
stiw93's avatar
ooo this is beatiful!I like to space)
SinfulTemplar's avatar
I like very much! great job...
wuestenbrand's avatar
Great Work .. :D ..
Habatchii's avatar
Habatchii says;

very well...
astrodisiac's avatar
This takes me to another place.
Thealmosthalfdead's avatar
WHAT program did you use you make this its beaut man
AdamBurn's avatar
All Photoshop, and a lot of time
Thealmosthalfdead's avatar
Thats insane dude what version like
AdamBurn's avatar
CS4 I use, also a Wacom A5 wide graphics tablet
Thealmosthalfdead's avatar
Kool thank ya for that man :D:D
jorgeelmuerte's avatar
I can see my house from here...

Well, not really.

Awesome work nevertheless :).
SuperSmurgger's avatar
Looks greatly made and incredible !! The colours and realism jsut cut my breath !! :wow:
SolarArchitect's avatar
WOW man this is awesome!
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