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Fractured Tranquility II

A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

What was once a system blessed with the most tranquil and beautiful worlds has been turned into a system of fractured dead worlds splintered by vast crystal formations and immense storms. Approximately 2 months prior to this point a large comet, not native to this system, passed through and as it heated in splintered and rained small crystal fragments over every world in the system before finally crashing into the larger sun in the system. These crystals grew with ferocious speed when exposed to heat, the hotter it was the faster they grew. Some made it into the planets core and split the worlds apart. You can even see the impact zone on the largest sun, a crystal citadel millions of miles high. But due to this the star will soon die.

This is what I have been working solidly on for the past week or so. The big project which the preview I submitted earlier previewed. It was a comet containing something, but a crystal that grows very very fast when exposed to heat. This is a remake of an older piece by the same name and is my favorite most original concept I've come up with.


:iconikural: has written a wonderful poem based on this piece called The End [link] I suggest you check it out. Thanks mate.

Wallpaper pack: [link]

MONTAGE!!!!!!! [link]

Time: approx 48 hours
Size: 10000 x 6000
Layers: approx 50 (after merging)
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Holyshit. This is badass wicked. Scary if I lived on it, but reallyfuckingcool at the same time. An incredibly beautiful explosion. 
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wow, this is scary when you actually think about it
Why would the star die after getting hit? And more importantly... How the HELL is that "crystal citadel" not being VAPORIZED by the star!?!?
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The material becomes stronger and grows exponentially the hotter it gets, the star is very hot and so it grows faster than the star can destroy it, the material drains the energy of a heat source till it runs out and eventually the star will burn out or become so dense (because of the masses of crystal formations) that it causes a premature super nova.... Also it's just made up sci-fi stuff :ahoy: 
So it's a made up of exotic matter?
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Yeah, something not found elsewhere. A unique and very dangerous matter.
Why can't people just, oh I don't know... LIVE on the planets that have been hit by this crystal stuff? And maybe dig into the crystal and build homes out of it?
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Planets all messed up and the atmosphere as a result would be stripped away, magnetic field also gone so it would be a dangerous barren rock soon enough :ahoy:
Why would the magnetic field be missing?
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The magnetic field is created by a planets core, if it has a solid iron core (like our own planet) with an outer core of fast spinning molten rock and minerals it creates a strong magnetic field (thermodynamics one-o-one) this field protects us from nasty solar radiation from the sun and prevents us being cooked alive. If you disrupt the flow of that molten outer core by, say, cracking the planet open like an egg and it freezing up or leaking out then the magnetic field collapses, like turning off the current to an electromagnet and it loosing its magnetic field, its a similar principle.
No magnetic field, no life, you'd get cooked by radiation, also without the magnetic field the atmosphere will gets gradually stripped away by solar winds resulting eventually in a planet much like Mars, and eventually like Mercury only not as hot. Hope this helps :ahoy:
But why don't they dig into the crystal and LIVE in it?
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Because there is no atmosphere anymore, and no protective magnetic field, its all been stripped away when the planet is ripped apart, it will be like trying to live on the moon, its just a rock with nothing there :ahoy:
So the crystal doesn't block out gamma rays?
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Likely not, but that would be the least of their concerns, the distinct lack of air is most noticeable
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the imagination and time put into this really shines through
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I like how one of the crystals on the distant dead world is broken off very detailed, I love it!
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i may be tempted to use this in my future scifi concepts
Such an epic concept!  The detail is just stunning. 
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Nooo! wallpaper link is dead :C could you please make new one? pleaaaase
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Oh man . . . No comment. . . What a piece. :wow:
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I sure hope nobody lived there...
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Awesome pic. This is sort of how I imagined Zanth swarms from Great North Road (Peter F Hamilton). I wonder if he was inspired by your art?
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