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First Contact

Do first contact situation ever go peacefully? Of course they don't because that would be boring.
Anyway what your looking at is a first contact situation between the Humans and the first alien race to go into the game Novus Aeterno the Verunas. I have shown some of their ship designs recently and this is the first full illustration with them in so it was nice to paint something other than Human V Human.

The Verunas aren't very friendly they are the most advanced race in the game and they know it, they are big headed both physically and mentally.

Also this painting will cover a 20ft wall at out booth at PAX in April which will be rather cool to see.


Follow the games progress on Facebook, twitter and its new website.
Facebook: [link]
Twitter: [link]
Website: [link]

(All graphics and information are copyright of novus aeterno LLC and Taitale Studios)
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The bad first contact of the options it can go. Great art!
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Very nice work!
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Oh my god! Is amazing this art, is epic.
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That was the best battle-scene I've even seen... I'm going to see what else you have 
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Absolutely stunning. This is a brilliant piece of art
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Star Wars and Marvel Infinity vibe here :D Great job btw
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That is really cool. I always love artwork about war in space. It looks so realistic. 

Hey I actually make science fiction art as well. Of course I use a different style. Would you be interested in seeing some of it?
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Amazing work! 
Really and real space.
Adam, i tried to contact you here on D, but no reply. If you are interesting to work in one project (need works as this one), please write PM
Thank you!

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Can't remember if I commented on any of your artwork before AdamBurn, but I'll have to say all your space art I've seen so far is fantastic Mate!
You're at the top of my list of favourite artists here on DA!
Keep up the superb work and cheers for sharing! :D
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out of curiosity, is this game a board game or a video game?
btw the verunas ships look awesome, shame there arrogant and hostile.
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Check out the Facebook page, its a pc game
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looks promising. its turn based I assume?
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No, real time mmorts
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oh. free to play ? or yet to be determined?
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last I knew F2P
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so is the game still in development?
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Yeah, check the games website and facebook page, all the info is there.
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Now this is a battle. Truly epic.
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I've been looking at your pieces, and they all look like EVE.
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