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Fire Everything

A print of this painting can be bought here [link]

So here it is finally, my Battlefleet Gothic painting done as a birthday present for my brother, Took a long time to get everything how I wanted it but there is always room for improvement but I wont be working on this one any more.

Simple scene depicting a fight against the Imperial fleet and the forces of Chaos, it shows a light frigate class ship on a collision course with the Imperial fleets capitol ship and firing of a load of missiles as it goes, also it under heavy fire from light weapons. The capitol ship can also be seen firing its huge side mounted cannon arrays at something, but what? a ship that size firing that many shots must be very keen of destroying what ever it is, and that frigate is damn keen on keeping the ship from firing. I will leave that to your imagination. Background shows a few skirmishes and a broadside going on..... everyone loves a bit of broadside action.

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Bro this ones for you.
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It’s rare to find such great artwork, more so when it depicts both space and originality.

While the image might make one person think of ground based combat (due to just how well the background was designed) after taking a closer look you'll notice that it truly is in space.

The background itself is actually well drawn though it’s somewhat hard to tell if the 'trails' are actually con-trails from fighter craft, or actually cities lit up in the night sky or perhaps even missiles trying to find their targets.

The artwork overall is excellent, the explosions well drawn and even the trails of the weapon projectiles fading into the distance are spectacular.

Equally as great, is how detailed the ships are even those in the background. The foreground ship actually looks more like a floating city but is obviously a ship, based on a background ship that looks similar. Someone already pointed this out, but I will as well, the coloring here is great and shows that a great deal of time and effort went into this piece.
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While this looks beyond beautiful. I can see many canons not firing. 
I love Battlefleet Gothicj - thanks
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Pure epicness in huge scale!  Nice work
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The Emperor protects !
Just thought I'd reiterate: FOR THE EMPEROR!
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fantastic pic mate great work :)
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That's not everything...
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Caption! We're surrounded!
Good, We can fire in all directions!
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The title reminded me of the 2009 film Star Trek

Awesome space fight

the captain must be the only one driving in ramming speed
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This is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!
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Glorious! Pure epicness!
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Is there any other strategy?
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Fire everything? Dude that line is like from the 2009 movie, Star Trek. Awesome :lol:
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Unles it was retconned, the actual lore of W40k states that ships engage each other from millions of miles apart. I'm not complaining though, close engagements are practically necessary in artful depictions, just saying in case it may be of interest to you.
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Yeah a realistic encounter would look pretty bland, but that's not all true, my brother is an encyclopaedia of the 40K universe and often divulges tons of info to me when I see him (this painting was done for him) and whilst they do engage at long range they do sometimes end up quite close, they are all fitted with tons of boarding grapples and boats that blast into the other ship when close enough, there are often thousands of ships involved and the move closer all the time until they are practically right down each others throats.
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"Fire everything!!! Not that, that's my lunch."
Yes, wrong neighborhood, but I couldn't help myself.
How I wish that some of your work was available to buy as prints. Everything I've seen you make is stylish and epic and would serve well to liven up my walls :).
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They all are available as prints :ahoy: Simply note me what it is you want. Prices are on my front page ID thing :ahoy:
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