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Eclipse Phase: Killing Blow

One of three images I created for the Eclipse Phase tabletop RPG game series, this one shows a near future space craft being blown to bits by a railgun volley. The idea was to make it as realistic as possible so no giant fireball just a bright flash from the ships atmosphere igniting quickly and a ton of debris, also to make the impact look even more devastating parts of the ship are twisting and bending from the impact. 

More to come soon :ahoy:
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Great image, amazing work, inspirational!

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Can I use this picture as an illustration for a blog post? Of course I will mention you as an artist.

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Well, time to get a spare ride from someone else.  Hope their transmitter is strong enough.
Beautiful destruction.
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The detail on all this destruction is incredible, and the lighting blows my mind. Fantastic stuff! 
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This is why we can't have nice things...
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Hi there! Your work has been featured by Digitalists here: Digitalism v.23
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Gotta love Eclipse Phase, their take on post humanism, space travel and the artwork they produce for these are fantastic.
And having you make a scene for them is obviously a good choice :)
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man, this is seriously awesome, especially the lens effects!
i'd really like to learn how to do those, can you recommend a tutorial or something for them?
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DAMN! Awesome.
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Love the cinematic angle to it. You showed the impact's strength very well through the debris and extra ground pound. The texture on the ground is also very neat and realists; did you have a custom brush for that in particular? 
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Fuck yeah Eclipse Phase!
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"Oh no, how do I get home now?"
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I can almost hear the muted *THUMP* from the shot...
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Kinda makes me want to give Eclipse Phase another shot. Just gotta find a campaign where the GM won't drop before it even starts, because chargen for can be such a chore.
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