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Both myself and a very good friend of mine are massive EDF fans having put hundreds of hours into EDF 2017 so as my friends birthday approaches I thought what better than to paint an image of us both as the courageous (and occasionally suicidal) Storm 1. My friend takes front and centre stage as the dude with the giant chain gun and smoking something I am sure is legal whilst I take up the back wielding duel mini guns and wearing my favourite hat. Them bugs didn't know what hit em.
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Our friends were all killed yesterday, as were our families
Today we might not make it, facing these atrocities
We'll never drop our banner despite our casualties
The EDF deploys!

Two days ago my brother died, next day my lover fell
Today most everyone was killed, on that we must not dwell
But we will never leave the field, we'll never say farewell
The EDF deploys!
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Sorry, it was called Monster Attack back in 2003, and then it was called Global Defence Force later, before the common name Earth Defence Force.

Keep up the epic artwork effort :).
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Now that is f***ing epic :), 11/10 :D for detail, design, colour, shade and light, and an obscure but classic gem of popular culture ;).

Earth Defence Force (formerly called Global Defence Force when it started out in 2003), is a mixture of a good old story of alien invasion, with hilariously bad voice acting and translation/interpretation, and that is what makes EDF a classic :).

Keep up the perfect effort :D.
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Awesome i LOVE the Edf series i have 4.1 and this pic nice job on the colors. plus see this reminds me of the time me an my bro would play together air raider + wing diver = best team ever.
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Yus! My friend and I have played them in coop since 2017 and we played that A LOT with 2025 we completed it on the highest difficulty using the Air Raider and Wing Diver, she is so OP. Sadly not got 4.1 as we are Xbox gamers and whilst I do have a PS4 my friend sadly does not, heres hoping for an XBox One release :ahoy: 
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There is split screen and 4.1 is on steam too
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Me and my bro are trying to beat the game on the highest level as well but some level are giving us problems plus we have to worry about the Dlc missions as well and they are harder then the story missions. so many game today for get about local play. by the way AIR RAIDER, AIR RAIDER, AIR RAIDER, WOOOOO!!!!!
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"to save our mother earth from any alien attack!"
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"from viscous giant insects who have once again come back"
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"we'll unleash all our forces we won't cut them any slack!"
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"The EDF deploys!"
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"our forces are prepared for any alien threat!"
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I love this terrible game.
And Im glad I finally found someone who can make some decent art for it.
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Same here. 

I play the new 4.1 version and it was amazing.
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my god the glorious moments, have you try EDF 2025 or is 2017 the newer one? either way i like the vehicles and artillery in 2025 feels more natural a tank feels clucky which is good
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This is impeccable. . . I must now promote you, hahaha. Great job!
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flippin awesome!

2017 is on vita only isn't it? ive got Insect Armageddon for PS3 and I CANT STOP PLAYING IT!

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2017 was originally on the 360 a few years back, its only recently come to the vita, there is a new one 2025 I think, thats out end of the year for all platforms and it looks awesome :ahoy:
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man I cant wait. I love the dark feel you put into this picture by the way, not so much focusing on the bugs but more the mood.
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And why wouldn't you kick bug ass in a Tallahassee hat? :) I wear one too, whether the situation warrants or not
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