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I have always loved classical paintings, the work of the old masters has always been an inspiration to me especially the way they would light a subject using spot lights and dappled lighting. My work is usually considerably more action orientated and clean but I have always loved the more rough and painterly styles of old and hugely respect those that can create the same effect digitally so I have began to teach myself a more painterly style, using more brush work and relying more on controlled selection of colours and tones from the start rather than my usual approach of colour dodge overlays, rather than a total shift in style I aim to meld my two styles and this has been my first proper attempt with an outcome that's more than just a rough practice.
I have always liked painting, having done a lot of traditional painting in my early art life but shifting to digital I found a world of new styles and I think for at least my own personal work I will try to mess with this more painterly style more often.

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Incredible work. I definitely think you captured the more older way of lighting very well. Nice job.
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Awesome work! 
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Truly stunning!
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stunning work!
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 I can really see this on a large canvas. Very powerful piece.
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Quite spectacular! 
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Foxy Can't Cook (Chat Icon)

Amazing art!!!!
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I love the flow of this work, especially how the woman seems to glide and drape gracefully over the man, just as his clothes do. And I love the contrast that creates with the man's tough, restrictive posture.
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Thank you, I was aiming for her to appear almost ethereal in a sense, weightless and floating in comparison to the mans more rigid and grounded posture. I am glad others picked up on that haha :ahoy:
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very beautiful with fantastic lighting 
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Uniquely beautiful!
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Wow...just wow
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lovely lighting!
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looks absolutly awesome :love:
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you are welcome :)
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