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An image done as part of a series of images for a game trailer, about 13 in total, this is a scene depicting world burnt by war and a derelict ship floating in a belt of debris.
This image was put in my portfolio and thought I might upload it here also.
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Looks like the Derelict reaper from Mass Effect 2
Subaqueous's avatar have such a keen grasp of scale. I love your work, cheers to ya
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Are those Mjolnir class dreadnoughts? Nicely done, really this looks amazing 
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"You can derelict my balls."

Kudos to anyone who gets that.
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It sorta looks like Sajuuk from Homeworld 2. Just wondering but did you get any inspiration from the Homeworld series?
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Amazing. Instant favourite. My new inspiration!
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That ships reminds me of the Reapers from Mass Effect.
Fai-is-sexy's avatar
I was about to say... remind me of a rough reaper compered to the smooth ones we see... something like a prototype.
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This picture is damn good and freaking awesome! But I was siting here and didn't understand whats wrong, what kicking my eyes time by time... Man, the lightening of this cool ship does not match the one on the planet! Or I'm going crazy...
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Bwah :o the ship remind me Sajuuk in Homeworld 2
AdamBurn's avatar
Yup I went through a phase of loving that ship too much haha
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
I understand you >:D that was one hell of great game,i hope for an homeworld 3, one day :)
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Obvious homeworld reference is obvious.
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Reminds me of the derelict reaper from mass effect 2
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Superb lighting and textures.
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The texture of the planet is gorgeous. However, my favourite part is the dust in the debris. It looks like it could be snow, only the colour of sand.
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Stunning image. This is the stuff fantasy is made of.
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Is this all done with a tablet? The lighting is terrific. Can see the heat and intensity from the source. It's so textured and the planet has some nice highlighted bits (photos?)
AdamBurn's avatar
Mostly painted, the ship and background were done using brushes and the polygon lasso tool, the planet is a mix of large photos of textures to make the surface and again more brushes to make explosions
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Reminds me awfully of the derelict Reaper in ME2. Inspired by it?

The art, by the way, is pure awesome.
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Actually painted some time before that game was released
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Ahh, well that's a big coincidence. xD You should be credited for the reapers then.
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