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Cockpit Concept

By AdamBurn
An illustration for an upcoming space sim game by 2Dawn games, image was to portray the feel of the gameplay form inside the cockpit. 

Enjoy :ahoy:
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                                       Radar 3 
Radar 2  Looks a bit cluttered though ?Radar 4 
                                       Radar 3 
Can I use this in a school project? I will credit you if you would like. 
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Sadly, the project seems dead :(
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Hmm, they did a Kinckstarter that was unsuccessful but not by much, hopefully it's still in development :ahoy:
erwinkfoto's avatar
Yeah, I noticed. Sadly, all websites are unavailable or seemingly dead :(
Anyway, your work looks sick (and in a good way)  
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Qydra's avatar TIE Fighter feels...coming me...hnnnnnngggggg
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Awesome! It makes me want to be in it! =D
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i feel like i'm in Star Wars.
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What game is that?
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Absolutely amazing.
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It wouldn't surprise me if low-orbit battles of the future would be quite close-quarters.  Given the planet's size compared to space.
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Looks nice. Though the UI needs to be a bit more opaque when dealing with so much stuff going on. Nicely done.
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Mamamia ! I enjoy it x)
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Looks like a Bora ship ahead from Tachyon: The Fringe.
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Looks like a pretty good cockpit design and could be a good game viewpoint, too.
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I want one, no make that fifty. Shut up and take me money
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amazing work sir
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This should definitely be in 1920x1080 for my desktop, with a tail-gunner seat view, or a bomber cockpit view on the secondary.
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