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Adam Bryce Thomas
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United States
I currently work as a comic artist, illustrator, and More. Currently most notable for my work on the Sonic Comics.
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  • Drinking: Coffee

Jacksonville is a very large city with a downtown district on a river and many many suburbs and businesses creating the rest of the "city."  I live in a area near the downtown called San Marco, by the river. Seeing that my favorite coffee house, bold bean, had opened a roastery of sorts next to the bakery/ cafe they get their snacks from, and was eager to see any new bean types/ roasts they would provide (I'm a big coffee and tea aficionado)  Since my Fridays are not taken up by my day job (usually just evening and late night comic work that I have) I decided that I would make a trip to this new place. Taking my bicycle, I crossed over the high river bridge into whats called riverside heading toward the roastery. It was about 4-5 miles one way, but the morning weather was rather nice, slightly humid, not too hot, a bit over cast (and I can always use the exercise). It was hard to resist stopping at the bold bean itself to down a cup of their pour-over or chemex coffees, but I held myself back with the knowledge that what probably awaited me at the roastery would be a new, fresh and exciting coffee, perhaps new flavors and aromas I had not tasted before. Passing into Avondale/ Riverside is always calm and relaxing as the neighborhoods are made of of very eclectic and comfy looking houses. After about 30 minutes or riding I arrived at Edgewood, a section of town that can sorta feel like the edge of a cliff of Jacksonville since the roads trail off into more and more run down and industrial looking places. Edgewood has many small and interesting businesses on it and I had noticed a particular place called Community Loaves that I made sure to remember to find after my visit to the roastery.  The Roastery itself opened up into a small coffee bar with a open doorway into the bakery next door, a joint sort of business. Very spacious counter to sit at and some by the windows; no tables as its more meant for the purchase of coffee beans (and you could always walk right through into the cafe/bakery "knead", a lovely, rustic looking eatery with artisan pastries and sandwiches, and have a seat there). I took a moment to ask about their coffees and decided upon a Guatemalan based bean that I had not had before. The young and lovely baristas took time to chat with me about their opinions on their roasts and delivered my pour-over right away. The aroma and taste of this particular coffee was absolutely delicious, all in all. A small black and white dog, named rocky, skipped around the shop and came to say hello, for which I gave it many pets. The girls would always bend down to give him lots of love and he seemed very happy and well adjusted. I bought a small chocolate pastry from next door and left, thanking them for the coffee and happy to have found this place. Now I was still a bit hungry since I hadn't eaten that pastry yet nor a proper breakfast, before I went out. I rode my bike down to this Community Loaves place and locked it up. Upon entering this store I was overcome with a sense of happiness and comfort. The storefront might have been as big as my living room, colored a comfortable shade of faded terracotta with small, charming and aged, baking paraphernalia all around, two small tables and a tucked-away bar with little stools, the wall behind lined with loose leaf teas. Funny thing - the door knob was about the height a hobbit might need to open it; I had to stoop over to reach it. At the front counter was a small case of delectable looking snacks and treats behind it and a wall with little wooden rods holding up loaves of freshly baked breads. A small handwritten sign had little prices and information written on it and two swinging little saloon-like doors swung back and forth into what looked to be the large prep area with ovens and such you'd expect in a bakery. A very charming and spunky young woman (truthfully, very pretty) came out to greet and asked what I'd like, smiling all the way. I asked for a slice of particularly good looking quiche filled with cherry tomatoes and a cup of tea to which she recommended a peppermint/ herbal mixture. She went back and I had a seat waiting for my tea to steep. She returned with a small round metal plate upon which a small salad had been dressed with a simple vinaigrette and cucumbers, two slices of a toasted bread with herb butter (hidden in between them) and the quiche, warmed from an oven. For some reason, be it the environment, the food preparation, the people, something came up, making me feel rather blissful or euphoric of this entire experience, and its probably the happiest I had felt in months. Everything about the food was perfect and tasted lovingly and carefully made, perfectly seasoned and presented in such a practical, yet elegant manner. I feel like that is what people talk about when they say food made with love. I reflected on this as I ate and found out that lady was the owner of this lovely little establishment. I hope this little eatery remains as perfect and magical as I have found it as I will certainly be returning. I left after thanking her and said I'd definitely be back, and took the long way around the river back to my house. The sky has cleared into a lovely blue with puffy, white clouds and a gentle breeze was about the streets. I rode through neighborhoods with houses I will never afford, by the river, all preparing for Halloween. Through Avondale, through Riverside, down the riverwalk, up the causeway, through downtown, over the big blue bridge, and back to San Marco. Back to my apartment to begin working on my next comic job from Archie. I could use some coffee now.

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