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Published: April 30, 2015

Commissions are CLOSED!!!

Probably you are surprised that this list is so long. This is accident. Usually when I had waiting list, half of people didn't even response, and half of the rest wasn't interested any longer. But now 90% of people was still interested. It was unexpected. I have no idea what to do with so much people. Do I should refuse to make plush for one persons but not for other? I don't know. It's too much for me... Be prepared for long waiting...

One slot = one plushie.

More info about prices and rules:

Prices(sorry for my english)
Do you want a plush? Write me what type of plush you want and send a picture.

Full payment for plushies smaller than big must be before my work. You can pay in parts only if you want big plush or something bigger. You will have a slot only after payment.

Beanie plushies:

30$ - 60$
25 cm (10 inches) long plush made of minky with embroidered eyes.

Small plushies:

50$ - 90$
30 cm (12 inches) tall if plush will be on 4 legs, 35-40 cm (14-15 inches) if anthro plush made of minky with embroidered eyes.
Medium plushies:

70$ - 130$
40 cm (16 inches) tall if plush will be on 4 legs, 50 cm (19,5 inches) if anthro plush made of minky with sewn eyes.
Big plushies:

IF SOMETHING WILL CHANGE, I WILL EDIT THIS POST. So stop ask if this is current because it was uploaded few years ago, I'm making updates always when I upload photos of new plush.

Beanie:  CLOSED
  1. nightmaretaker from FA: OC (small) - paid

Small plushies:  CLOSED
  1. nightmaretaker from FA: OC (small) - paid
  2. :icontakadaroba: OC Kaze (small) - paid
  3. HeilanCoo from FA: OC Anchor Bovidsaurus (small) - paid
  4. HeilanCoo from FA: OC (small) - paid
  5. :iconeddythecowardlyyoshi: Sphinx (small) - paid
  6. :iconeddythecowardlyyoshi: Pony of Shadows (small) - paid
  7. :iconeddythecowardlyyoshi: Stygian (small) - paid
  8. :iconmagiccrystal280: OC Audria (small) - paid

Medium plushies: CLOSED

  1. :iconflame-expression: Poochyena (medium)
  2. :iconshyshyoctavia: OC Lily (medium) - paid
  3. :iconshyshyoctavia: OC Nathan (medium) - paid
  4. :iconmagiccrystal280: OC Rochelle (medium) - paid
  5. :iconpatytpl: OC Marussia (medium) - paid

Big or very big plushies: CLOSED

  1. :iconflame-expression: OC Flame-Expression (very big)
  2. orzelaquila from FA: OC Jade (big) - paid
  3. orzelaquila from FA: OC Riv (big) - paid
  4. Tripexx from FA: OC Jack (big) - paid
  5. RossCiaco from FA: OC (big)
  6. :iconpolahbear: shiny haxorus (big) - paid
  7. :icontdlballistic: Latias OC (big)
Lifesize ponies, other huge plushies:  CLOSED
  1. :icondarigan1: Makoto Nanaya (lifesize) - paid a part
  2. :iconflagshiponionhead: Coco Pommel (lifesize) - paid a part
  3. :iconteelia: OC Kittrena (lifesize) - paid a part
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What would the price be for a small plush of a galarian ponyta please?

Wavestripe's avatar
WavestripeHobbyist Artist
Just throwing a comment down here so I can keep track of this post 💙💜
Mazakdupa's avatar
MazakdupaHobbyist Artist
kuuurde już się nie załapie na listę ? ;) 
adamar44's avatar
Dopiero zacząłem drugą część starej listy więc w tej chwili nie ma szans :(
Mazakdupa's avatar
MazakdupaHobbyist Artist
BU muszę  polować na kolejną ;D 
horselazer's avatar
horselazerHobbyist Filmographer
Spokojnie nie tylko ty polujesz bo ja mam tak samo ale jak mowią cierpliwość to cnota i trzeba poczekać
FRROGO's avatar
FRROGOHobbyist Digital Artist
i always come back when the list is filled aagh! you do such great work, keep it up my dude! :>

one day ill be quick n snag me a spot :'D
adamar44's avatar
I just finished first half of this list, it was full from some time :/
FRROGO's avatar
FRROGOHobbyist Digital Artist
oof, good job! thats a hefty list : o
Dominique2004's avatar
Dominique2004Hobbyist General Artist
Can’t wait till these open up, I’ll definitely buy one. Also can you make a guess when you open again? It’s ok if not, I don’t want to rush you ^^
adamar44's avatar
When this list will be empty. But I can't say when exactly.
ZodiacCloud's avatar
ZodiacCloudHobbyist Digital Artist
aHH can you let me know when you next open? ^^
(also do you do quotes?)
adamar44's avatar
No, I can't write to you. But I can show me what you want.
ZodiacCloud's avatar
ZodiacCloudHobbyist Digital Artist
do you want me to note you a reference image of what i'd want?
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Thunderbat515Hobbyist Artist
Heya i know ur closed but just got a question ♡ i maybe want a Big Plushi for my BF and maybe a can send u a pic from the oc for the price ? 😅 i mean just wanna know how much it would :3
adamar44's avatar
Write me a note with a picture.
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dinomutt9Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know you’re very busy and aren’t open anytime soon but maybe in a couple of months or later this year can I hold a spot for a big plushie? 
adamar44's avatar
I don't know yet. Sorry :/
timmainsson's avatar
I'm noticing I am listed as "paid a part"
adamar44's avatar
Because as we talked, I don't know yet how much shipping will cost so I will say that after work. So you didn't paid for shipping and this is how I will not forgot about it.
timmainsson's avatar
OH  I'm sorry  Your are right.  
forgive me.  I remembered about the postage but I forgot to consider that here   my bad
adamar44's avatar
Don't worry about it. You asked, I replied, there is no problem here.
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AmberKittyDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Once a certain list of plushies is completed, do you open those certain plushies? 
Like you open just beanie plushies for example or your not opening until you get everything done?
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