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I was tagged by TheArrow359 to tell y'all eight facts about my psycho, Craze.

                                                        BHA: Craze By Jeca96 by AdamAnt543

Ok, Now let's *A gun fire rings, and Adamant543 falls to the ground as Craze enters, whistling a merry tune*

Craze: "Whoops, sorry boss. But if anyone is gonna talk about me? It's gonna be me. *clears his throat as he sits bacwards on a chair, resting his head and arms on the back* So, You wanna know about lil' old me? Ok, lets do this...

Fact 1 about me: I was born on a tuesday.

Fact 2 about me: My mom up and ditched when I was five, and my dad was drinker aand beater.

Fact 3 about me: Dad was my roll model, and I wanted to surpass him.

Fact 4 about me: My dad was my first kill at the age of 17

Fact 5 about me: I used my quirk to control bullies, and have them destroy something... or someone they loved.

Fact 6 about me: I like to sing a happy little song as I chase down and kill people.

Fact 7 about me: I like to wear blue socks!

And finally, fact 8: Whenever someone learns something about me.... I will hunt them down to the ends of the Earth, torture them so very slowly for days, control them for fun, then kill them.

Now you know eight facts about me... brew up some coffee, I'll be visiting soon. Heheheh~."

Hope you all enjoyed this little skit that went with this facts, thought I'd mix it up a bit from the norm, and let the OC do the talking. And since he was based off Deadpool, it seemed appropriate. :XD:

I tag:
mokiiro - Hanari
Ani-Baka - Yume Niseko
xberisu - Yuki Kami
CharactersByChaos - Jin Kanaka


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