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Oh, well, it seems that February 14th should happen once a year.
I was about to start another giveaway at the beginning of the year, but return to work was heavier than expected... I was quite busy and I still have a lot of photos to process :(

My Album of last Lucca Comics & Games is only half done :( And I already done a photoset (Korra + Mako) and another great fair (Novegro Festival del Fumetto) Waaaah!  I need more free time Waaaah! 

Some other news: on 19th December I got another Daily Deviation!

Special thanks to :iconmrs-durden: and :iconsincebecomeswhy: for having suggested my work :)

Btw! :iconmrs-durden: is collecting prizes for Young Photo Club Group! If you are interested, please check this journal: Can you donate any prize to our competition?

Last, I have activated google analytics for my deviantart page. It is really great to see how many people all around world come to see my photos - as well as finally understand where my pictures are linked / featured :p

Valentine Lottery

This time lets make things more lovely: you win this lottery - points will go to the person you love.

So yes, points will not go to the winner but to your boy/girlfriend, a friend, an artist you love... it's valentine time!

How to enter

1) Fav this journal +fav

You will receive an entry number. You can check your entry number clicking on this journal favorites, on the right

your entry number will be the one at the deadline, because it will continue to change as soon as people fav the journal

2) Write a comment in this journal with a the DA user you want to gift the points

In can be your girl/boyfriend, or just a friend, or an artist you love

A love message it's not mandatory, but very appreciated! Heart 

Even if you'll not win it will be nice to show your love, so dont miss the chance! Heart 

Suggestion: use Da Username by adaman77 to mention him/her! :)

It's a lottery dedicated to people who has a special person in you heart. Dont be greedy  I am a dummy! 

Please do not target fake accounts, plzaccounts or your second account... even if you are the only person you love :XD:

And no, you dont need to watch me. 


13th February (in 6 days)

After the deadline I will select the winner with random.org, then I will send to the account you have indicated points as well as your love message.

I will edit this journal with the winner.

I will host another giveaway on march - I had a very nice idea I'd like to try as soon as possible! But For this time... lets just "valentine" it.
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And in italian... Buon San Valentino!

  Butterfree Humanized by adaman77
Leafa Portrait - Swordart Online by adaman77     Where are you Beast? by adaman77     Tira's Eiserne Drossel by adaman77     Rydia by adaman77

...and the winner is...

Favs by adaman77

Random by adaman77

Winner by adaman77

Happy Valentine to :iconlaurelinaureo: and :iconadriatan: :)

Winner2 by adaman77

Prize goes to :iconadriatan:

Thanks to all those who participated  - it was really great to read all your comments for your friends :)

I will host another, bigger, giveaway on march - stay tuned :)
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Damn, I saw my name! So close!