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Just a speed landscape painting. was going for a classical painting mood..
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May i use this as a background in my video? I wrote a song, and i'm looking for a nice background to go with it. Ill link your deviant art in the description and on an annotation, and i wont be making any profit. 
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Nagyon fasza. Végre valaki aki magyar és foglalkozik artokkal :D
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Koszi Mr. Varga. neked is nagyon jok a rajzaid! :) van facebookod
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Beautiful!  I really like the lightwork, especially on the cliffs.
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thank you ! appreciate it
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How did you draw this? Can you teach me? I really want to learn speed painting...
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Haha I don't think I can teach you directly...but here's a video that shows how its generally done..from a different artist.

and one from Noah Bradley..

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Excellent painting!  I wish I could do that slow painting =P (Razz)
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thank you so much!
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Very beautiful and magical! :clap:
Well done! :D

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thanks for the comment!

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You are most welcome! :D
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Inspiring combination of colours!
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gorgeous...this is so amazing!!!!! :D
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Beautiful :wow: ! I really love the look of the mountains and those waterfalls. The sprinkles of pinkish-flowers are an amazing addition, love it :D !! I just recently got Painter and I am totally lost xD - I hope one day I'll be able to pull off something as stunning as this :la: !
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Corel? ah yes this was photoshop, but similar process..make sure you have a drawing tablet hahah, thanks!
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Yes already got a Wacom :D ! Already working with it since a few months and I kinda got used to it, just gotta work on the hard part now: The actual painting process xD. Looking forward to new paintings from you :iconinuyeyplz: !
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looking forward to painting more, thank you!
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This is awesome. Love the colours
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