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Enchanted Forest

This is about a 6 hr drawing I made...just some enchated forest idea I had, hope you like it!
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Wow looks great looks almost like a watercolor paint amazing work :)

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Fascinating work!

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wonderful art. it's amazing.
is beutiful! i was wondering if i can use it in a Role playing game (dungeons and dragons) manual that im making (just for fun but i wanted to ask you anyway if i upload it sometime to internet)

ofcourse i would give you the respective credits and a link to your deviantart page (and others pages if you would like to)
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this is pretty cool. i was wondering if i could use this for a stepmania pack i'm working on, the only things i would do to the picture is change the size to 640x480 for the background and 418x164 for the banner and add the title of the song and the artist.

if you'd like, i can put a link to your deviantart in the credits :)
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Very good. I love it.
Hey there! Absolutely love the artwork! Do you think it would be fine if I used this image as artwork for a song I made on SoundCloud? Here's the link:…
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superb landscape !
Beautiful! The water effects are stunning!
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A beautiful piece of work with enchanting opalescent colours.
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so peaceful... great work, as always. :)
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6 hours? You gotta be kidding me. It looks like twice as much. :O_o:

The details in this are really cool, from the structure of the rocks, the grass, the bark of the trees... and it's obvious you paid a lot of thought to the way of the light through the trees. And I love the way the water seems to glow out of itself. Enchanted indeed!

Very beautiful painting! :)
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thank you very much for your comment!
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Love your work Adimono!
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thank you I am glad!
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It truly is magically breath taking. I love the vivid colours you use.
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thank you so much :D
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Hi Adam, this piece is simply fantastic. Is there any possibility I could feature it as the static image in a youtube video for a song I wrote:… ?

The video would of course not be monetized or sold in any way, I'd simply be posting it for promotional purposes, and would be happy to give you proper credit however you'd like.

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Hello Gabriel,
yes you may use it, would be a nice fit to your song!
And yes, if you can add a reference link to in the description that would be great!

thank you for asking,
Adam Varga
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Thank you so much Adam, you can see the youtube video posted here!…

I look forwarding to following you and your work!

All best to you and thank you again!

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amazing! really beautiful! *. *
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