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Very happy with this one.

I did this a few weeks ago when for no reason I was really in the mood to draw something. Poses and expression I hadn't tackled before, just for practice. Dunno why I picked Tsukiko of Paranoia Agent. Maybe because I'd just seen Paprika and they're done by the same guy.

But I really loved Paranoia Agent. It was a perfect mind-blowing anime that not only altered the character's perception of reality, but the viewer's as well. I also quickly found a weird type of liking to the characters, my favorite being the above Tsukiko. She's very vulnerable and helpless throughout most of the series, in spite of being such a major celebrity for creating the Maromi doll, and you get to feel very caring of her.

The series ends with (Oh, right. Spoilers and whatnot ahead), Tsukiko being revealed to have created Little Slugger when she was a little girl, and first reinvoking him again when she needed him. Little Slugger soon ran rampant after returning, feeding off fears and paranoia to become a terrible boogeyman of Tokyo.

She makes Little Slugger stop when she takes blame for what she made him to be a scapegoat for in the first place- when her dog died. There's a very touching scene of the adult Tsukiko hugging the dog and crying that I thought I'd like to draw.

A few of changes though. For one thing its zoomed out so you can see her whole body, giving me better practice for pose, and she's wearing pajamas for some reason. Also- the dog isn't bleeding or have a crushed lung or anything, unlike it the series where it was apparent it had been run over. I was even worried that people wouldn't be able to tell the dog was dead.

Still, very proud of this. Love the expression and pose in it.
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