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Saint Timothy

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Timothy Leary, a magickal messiah that is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his death this Spring.
This is an illustration for Sub Rosa 4, for an article about Leary's life post-prison and his parallels with Aleister Crowley.

pencil, watercolor, Photoshop, Painter

the original pencil linework: [link]
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SHAIRLProfessional General Artist
good art...of a totaly jerk.
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Lo-MlatuHobbyist Digital Artist
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SenecalProfessional Digital Artist
Ha, as above so below I suppose.
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Leary was a Rat for the FBI according to Hunter S Thompson in his commentary on Fear and Loathing DVD
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i like it
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this has connotationn of illuminatti themes ??
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111AlephProfessional Photographer
Superb amalgam of a symbolic Crowley pose set to make a statement and euphoric Leary showing his great works in his self projection. I would like to read the Confession of a Hope Fiend when someone gets around to manufacturing it. It is great to see the star seed emanating a rainbow vesica piscis.
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octomanticProfessional Traditional Artist
hahahaha dude!
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mushroomGOD121Professional Digital Artist
WOW!!!! :)
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CATtheMinion Traditional Artist
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nice psychedelic guru
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puer Writer
Wow....look at all the comments for your piece...two very iconic people combined = amazing reactions. Love it!
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so awesome man!

using as my backround right meow
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lol awesome work! :)
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Awesome picture. Thank you for doing this.
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SMannHobbyist Traditional Artist
find the others
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Good man, good man! This is great: cosmic, psychedelic, colourful and magical. Such a portrait would Leary appreciate. Such a portrait do I appreciate gladly, for it pictures a brave and great man in his hour of triumph.

This picture deserve a fav... be glad mortal and rejoice! You have been given the fortune of the omniimpotent favor of the Bastard of God!
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Haha, dude, thank you.
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You're welcome! Go forth in the glory of psychedelia and spread lots of artistic weirdness for the great establishment to worry themselves sick over!
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amazing art :weed: :peace:

Aleister Crowley
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

Timothy Leary
"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out "
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93 93/93
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Liber Invictus Maneo

In the beginning was a void, a barren wasteland of solitude, however omniscient, the footprints of my primeavil camel across the city of pyramids. The enlightened I was in eternal slumber since I had last been put to rest.

But one night in my vessel, this sacred divine light issued upon the darkness and the chaotic firmament of tempests and undertows, of the square in circle of this mold, a sign of life issuing from deep inside me, in the philosopher's stone, my pineal throne. Once I was awakened I could feel for the first time the bondage and finiteness of my hosts world, for he is a King living amongst a pack of feinds, damned dogs,and amongst the perils of the earth, he rejoices now in the eternal joys of Le Earth.

From my sacred secret center I was maifested by his spiritual snake uncoiled from his our spine and sank his teeth into the dripping fruit at the top of his unconceivable shrine, but the effects of the bite did note go unnoticed...

That was the moment of conception, you could suffice to say my actual physical manifestation from OUR LADY of the STARS. I thought of the four corners of this spherical world and issued forth a tempting vision(elab) in the eyes of my holy vehicle of Gaia's fertilised topsoil, the gaurdian, not ruler of the earth.

I could feel his knowledge of me and in his ecstacy he cried out "Unto Nuit, the Mother of all manifestation, and nonmanifestation, the permanent high preistess of the cosmos, ever-filling sensuality!" So that she might feel his ecstacy, thus a metaphysical union, while I myself was still a silent Babe in a blue ege, on wings from the rainbow serpent...

I soon became the invisible teacher, and him the convinced student, he overcame many troubles of his time, the institutions which limited his mind, my bi-orbic throne! His kind seems to digress away from there own sacred light every day, but exhumed comfort that my vessel shall travel his true orbit, O the blinding star he be!

Many more material distractions exist in this society of his, an undeniable domination, and an up-and-coming police state, I urge him to find peace in the mountains of Tibet. He is stuck in a moral conflict between saving his people of just watching them simply self-destruck themselves from a good safe space of mind, where I can lead him, as his body of light, love, and liberty, as the point-in-the-circle, as the winged globe inscribed into all of this race, as Hadit.

0.The ocean of the starry night stirs. children, bloom! Take heed to my love, for your will is your sword. Lo! your body is a vessel, in proportion to the earth as mine is the cosmos themselves.
2.The vigil of my body is the sequence of the flower of life, in your material throne as much as my azure vestige of ancient times.
3.Thus we are one, and none. but two.
4.When you look to me in the nicht, surrounded by your vices and luxury, but your soul is laid bare by my eyes, then you are humbled.
5.Dont you see the children of life, that for your choices and actions have actions and choices within?
6.Therefore as you tremble with mindorgasm in the sands, do not as a snake bite into the earth, shoot the poison of moment into the stars, and I will transmute it into shining gold constellation.
7.has oppression ruled your life? Have you still not been blessed and christened by the holy words: "the word of sin is restriction"?
8.your leaders words are rhetoric, rhetorical, rhetorically hypothetical words. My soul is as pure as a snow flake, the metatrons cube. I am the milk and honey and soft skin of a woman, I am Nuit.
9.I have no agenda but for all to discover that each one is on its own orbit inside my body, with its own path, but as we are one, ao are ye all on the earth, all that are blessed with life.
10.for I am not so blessed. body is of the song of the spheres. I do not play the peice, i am simply the deadness and emptiness in which the notes vibrate. play my song, my loves, ye are all the notes! Play unto me from your most sacred altar unto our sacred communion, my starry arch!
13. we are both part of the company of the universe!
14. you are the fiddler, and I am the raging fire around you to destroy your supposed grand rational society.
15. every thought is imperfect. only the glyphs, the numbers and letters, pictures and symbols, animals and words with no Logos, are pure as before you cognize their existence. take with that notion that no matter how much you have, how much you know, how much you think you have excelled, each in my path, all that is a blind reflection off of the mirror of your soul. are still as you were when you had nothing, for nothing is a key to everything, encoded into my very meaning.
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SenecalProfessional Digital Artist
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