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Holoscopic Nature
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Published: April 1, 2006
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A vision of nature in the context of quantum patterns creating the whole from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

Some proposed keys to understanding...:

A pattern is the form that composes or generates each part, and each to the rest of the whole.
A fractal is a pattern that repeats at ever increasing and/or decreasing scale, that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole.
A hologram is a 2D plane that generates a 3D space when it is illuminated in the right manner. Each part of the hologram contains the image of the whole, even if it is torn into pieces.
Relativity is the perceptive theory that parts (i.e. space and time) are not in fact separate from the whole, but one continuum (spacetime). Despite the apparent separateness of things at the explicate level, everything is a seamless extension of everything else into an infinitely ornate magic carpet.
To scope is to examine or investigate the range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions.
A fugue is a musical composition (and/or texture) in which a theme(s) is echoed successively through a multitude of differing voices forming a symphonic tapestry.
The ‘psychic-genome’ concept, meaning “genetic information of the mind”, construes that organisms’ DNA is intimately linked with the corresponding mind in ways that manifest in its habitual patterns of activity.
Epistemology, the nature of knowing, calls into question the parabolic relationship of knower, that which is known, and unknown.

24x36 acrylic on canvas

detail: [link]
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NahimaArtProfessional Traditional Artist
Really wonderful!
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this is incredibly beautiful
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Matter doesnt exist within a vacuum of empty space but rather a fabric of unknown proportions called space-time that is relative to matter and more importantly to the singularity event creation in a big bang scenary of intial action caused by branes contacting each other in parrallel dimensions of space time. The singularity event hubble witnessed is simply a manifestion in dynamics of a creation event similar to molecules forming biological matter. When the singular event of dna duplication of vessels could be inherited a big bang event happened. The universe is a spherical body of mass existing in unaccessable parallel universities and dimensions at the same time not removed from the same space fabric we share. DNA is a carrier device to cells as Space is a carrier device to parallel universes and dimensions. Therefor space and Dna are both variations of an uknown fabric.of a universe, the cells are universes and so is mass. Space is not

Spooky action at a distance is merely the constant flux and sequential pattern rates of the electromagnetic orbits of electrons around atoms. You cant see a movie by taking a photo. If you build nano cameras at the atomic scale then you will see electronics orbiting atoms as the earth does the sun in another example of the regenerative dynamics of singularity end events or freeze points of a universe where it shifts into a parrallel mode of existence in any universe of any dimension it in parallel so no displacements occure. Picture a gravity device on nasa space shuttle is turned of while viewing marbles that resemble planets moving in a pattern which is effected by mass, force, gravity, time all in scalar expression maps in sequential video patterns of behavior relative to interval patterns in music theory of based in scales divided by frequency partitions of oscillating waves in frequencies up to 24khz, the limit of human hearing, which is similar to checks and balances on system to be kepted in check for max born map fields of existencce similar to a freezing universe as it approaches 0 increase in expansion due to no energy. if a cell dies its membrane ruptures spilling its contents into smaller molecules and you can reduce to lower until electronics switch orbits to other atoms. Its all a singular shift into a parallel mode of existence within the same space time fabric so all newtonian laws can work.
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LindseyCarrell Traditional Artist
This is so incredible!
I recently had a vision that looked just like the bottom part of this painting...the spheres connected by lines...somehow I understood it to be a way of traveling from planet to planet, or moving through time. Or a state of no-time? It's hard for my waking mind to make sense of and it's sooooo nice to see it verified in such an amazing visionary painting like this. You obviously have your eyes wide open!
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neurotypeHobbyist General Artist
A scientific mandala?

Amazing detail.
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Informed by discoveries from science, yes.

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Fractals for fun and profit!
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im picking up my jaw.
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tommasogecchelinProfessional General Artist
wow...amazing...did you study quantum mechanics?
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I first saw this image over a year ago. Still to this day it blows my mind. One of my all time favorite images. The concept is timeless and the image itself is second only to nature.
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beautiful...kinda reminds me of some tool album art. If you haven't heard of them you should check them out.
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carolin54323Student Traditional Artist
Wow, absolutely wow! That's glorious!
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magickalmoonProfessional Traditional Artist
Simply amazing work... I wonder, have you seen the work of Alex Grey? If you haven't you'd probably love it... your thoughts go along with alot of what he does.
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wow...its truly amazing. do u have any clue how long it took u to do this?
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Thank you!
around 80 hours perhaps, maybe more
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Hey kid,
Are you famous or something? Our teacher showed this in class as the ultimate explanation of the universe? hmm...
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good work....i like the theories too....evolution is fun :)
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Zaqar Traditional Artist
Interesting piece. I enjoy the subject and find great truth in it. Beauty and
darkness as well. I like how the piece can be apreciated as whole (astro physical level) also in parts (quantum physical level).
Nice layout/composition/concept well excecuted. I would like to mention that I agree that we expirience our perception of reality not the thing in and of itself but the thing through our senses. I also really like how everything is linked.
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