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Homestar as Flipline

By Adam-P-D
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When I say "everybody everybody," I MEAN everybody everybody! I'm really impressed with how this came out. It reminds me of one of DaBurninator's :icondaburninator: pictures. I also think that every character crossover I did in here is a perfect crossover. See how many you can recognize...

Homestar as Roy
Strong Bad as Radley Madish
Coach Z as Wylan B
Bubs as Big Pauly
The Cheat as Jake
Marzipan as Penny
Pom Pom as Kahuna
Strong Sad as Olga
Strong Mad as Sarge
King of Town as Mayor Mallow
Poopsmith as Jacksmith
Homsar as Xolo
Modestly Hot Homsar as Joy
The Announcer as Foodini
Humidibot as a Mallow Man
Fort Wayne Locomotive as Pinch Hitwell
Senor Cardgage as Guy Mortadello
The Killer Dynamo as a Disco Plumm
The Goblin as an Onion
The Sad Girl as Willow
The Umpire as Bertha
Freaky Marzipan as Princess Liliana
Marshie as Wildberry Derps
Rather Dashing as Skyler
Eh! Steve! as a Cheddar Mack
French Homestar as Jojo
Stinkoman as Kenji
Tompkins as Greg
Crack Stuntman as Cactus McCoy
A. Chimendez as Hex Hatfield

Homestar Runner characters (c) The Brothers Chaps
Flipline characters (c) Flipline Studios
Artwork (c) VulpesVespa
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BigWeldFanHobbyist Artist
Bubs as Blacula (Villaiuons)
The Cheat as Orko (Villaiuons)
Coach Z as Doctor Flug Slys (Villaiuons)
Homestar as Skeletor (Villaiuons)
Homsar as He-Man (Villaiuons)
KOT as Bones Lady (Villaiuons)
Marzipan as Demencia (Villaiuons)
Pom Pom as Mummy (Villaiuons)
Knight Drik (Villaiuons)
Strong Bad as Skull Hat (Villaiuons)
Strong Mad as Man-At-Arms (Villaiuons)
Strong Sad as Teela (Villaiuons)
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Okay.  So.  For seriously.  Really pulled out the stops on this one.  :TipOfTheHat: 
You threw in some super minor characters, and even got all the art styles down for good measure. 
It's kinda scary actually... Cutie Scared 
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Adam-P-DHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thank you! It's nice to hear something like that from the inspiration of this picture! :D (Big Grin) And I completely drew every character here without tracing or anything, so to hear that I got the art styles down is actually pretty flattering! (For all you know, I could be one of the Brothers Chaps)

I'm very glad you like it LoveAlso, without seeing your stuff, I don't think this would've been nearly as detailed as it is
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Adam-P-DHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I didn't even think about think about Nick. But trust me, I would've made a LOT more if I had enough space on this. I actually had like 10 more ideas, but I think if I put anyone else on, it would sort of overflow. So... sorry Sweating a little...