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Even MORE Flipline NextGens!

By Adam-P-D
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That's right! Even though there's been a slight decrease in NextGens by people like Manniie :iconmanniie: and Nora :iconaronora:, I'm still going! I mainly wanted to do this to show off Mick and Avery from Keegan's Flipdeck. So here they are! Again, I've got a lot of favorites from this one, but I'd have to say my #1 for this batch is Mick

Piper - Daughter of Skyler: Quiet, introverted, generic hipster
Donald - Son of Shannon: Intelligent, clever, unorganized
Sabrina - Daughter of Hank: Optimistic, kindhearted, serious
Avery - Son of Xandra: Silly, goofy, insane, random, serious about comedy
Jaye - Daughter of Scooter and Austin: Laid-back, tomboyish, rulebreaker, trouble maker
Mick - Son of Foodini: Arrogant, suave, smooth, sarcastic
Bianca - Daughter of Kayla: Sarcastic, calm, chic, clever
Colby - Son of Sasha: Intelligent, quiet, introverted, loyal
Winter - Granddaughter of Mayor Mallow: Spooky, creepy, mysterious, avoided
Vernon - Son of Julep: Happy, calm, cheery, loyal

Parents mentioned above (c) Flipline Studios
Flipline NextGen (c) Manniie
FCs and artwork (c) VulpesVespa
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I'm sometimes depressed when I see one Flipline nextgen with only one parent..But whatever,it's all up to you!I still like your creativity. ;)
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Thank you! And that's mostly because I usually think up my designs for the characters first, and then find their parents. So if a design resembles only one customer, I just use that one. But hey, things may change. I did change Nella's parents from just Prudence to Prudence and Cooper, so... until I think of another fitting parent, I guess it'll have to just stay at one for now
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-_- How many customer's are gonna be single?
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Not entirely sure. Like I said, there are times when I see that other customers would be good as the other parent. Like I can sort of see Moe as Donald's father. There also may be some parents who aren't customers, sort of like Beatrice in Group 4. I don't really think anyone customer will be single though. Maybe a really small handful, but I haven't really thought about that yet. (Because honestly, I think more about the NextGens themselves rather than their parentsSweating a little...
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Well, I had some nextgen kids for sure
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Don't ask me about this
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I was talking to VulpesVespa
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