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Today is my Birthday! I can't believe I'm now 27. How time flies. :)
Happy New Year!

Hi guys! I've recently submitted my design for an art contest by DesignByHumans and Clash of Clans. The winning design gets their art published in the Clash of Clans shop as an official product. Be sure to vote for it and share with your friends! :D 

I would most appreciate it.
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! It sure was a great day. :D
So yes, today is my 25th birthday. I feel so old haha! Going to enjoy it. :)
Hello everyone. Just an update as to how I've been doing throughout the Christmas break. It was such a special time, especially with all my family being with me & I can't thank them enough for what they gave me. As for my artwork, I have been doing doodles occasionally but nothing major or anything, especially whilst juggling full-time factory work. However, I will hopefully make some major work this year (maybe my comic), perhaps in February when I've sorted all my payslips and rent, etc. I've also noticed more people are liking my doodles, perhaps I should open commissions in the future. Don't want to get too ahead of myself though. xD
Is it worth investing for a Cintiq? I'm thinking of getting a 13" Wacom Cintiq next month but I want to know if you get enough bang for your buck.
Just curious. :)
Been so busy with work I almost forgot about my Birthday today. I'm 24, I feel old. :)
I have a new YouTube channel setup. The basis of it being gaming and art. You can check it out at…. :D

Below are some videos of drawing Princess Luna from MLP and Tails. I like drawing Luna more than any other of the MLP characters lol.

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that I'll be starting work this weekend doing night shifts at a Fish Factory. That means I'll be inactive on here for quite some time till I can work around it.

Stay awesome! :)


Nightmare Moon is unimpressed by Adam-Clowery
Hi guys! Just letting you all know that my comic now has its own twitter account. Check it out if you wish. :)

Also I'll be writing another journal soon regarding art status, commissions and comic updates.

Stay cool.
Hi guys! I've just recently started gathering FCs on Pokemon X so if anyone wants to add me feel free to! :)

You can note me them and I'll note mine to you. - Preferred way.

Other than that, I'm still drawing.

Happy New Year everyone! :D


Happy Christmas everyone! :D

Hello. It's been quite some time since I've been on here. Well I'm currently undertaking a work trial with a design company and so far it's okay I guess. There are things that I'm not keen about it such as how far it is from where I live & they use old fashioned computers. Biggest sting though was that they never use photoshop, in fact they despise using it and my jaw dropped when the boss told me that. After a few weeks or so, the boss should come to a decision as to whether or not I'm suited for the job. It's been a struggle but I've learned a lot.
But because I've been working in a full-time timescale, I haven't had any time to get any art done at all. I hope to get some done this weekend. I also need to sort out what I need to get my family for Christmas too.

I really should be more active on here but I've just been really tired lately.

Hi guys! I was thinking of putting up my Spartanauts Comic artwork on stuff like these. What do you think? (These are not real btw)
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Hi guys! I've been busy on my Instagram posting art toons. Be sure to check it out here:

Other news: Comic #2 still being made and the search for a job continues.

The big day finally arrived. Oh man, my graduation ceremony was awesome. The atmosphere was amazing. I felt so nervous when I was the first in my group to walk up on stage. But I am really proud of myself and everyone. 

Here is me in my graduation clothing. Best day ever! :D

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