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My Bio
I draw monsters. I draw nekkid ladies. Sometimes, I draw nekkid ladies who happen to be monsters.

I also draw a comic full of Boobs, Blood and Bad Language over at Go check it out!

Favourite Visual Artist
comic artists and brush & ink illustrators
Favourite Movies
B-grade horror
Favourite TV Shows
Babylon 5, BSG
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metal, old-school hip hop
Favourite Books
I love books in general
Favourite Writers
Lovecraft, Gibson, Howard
Favourite Games
Half-Life series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
#3 sable hair brush & Chinese ink
Other Interests
Monsters, Nekkid Ladies...that sort of thing.
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Due to General Busy-ness and my lack of online social networkin' in general, I'm barely on dA anymore. If you want to get ahold of me for any reason, please please please drop me an email: I keep my Gmail tab open all day every day (damn near), so that's the absolute best way to get in touch with me.  Go ahead and email me for anything! I don't mind at all. I don't want to miss your messages, and if you send me a note or message via dA, I'll probably see it six months after you send it. Thanks!
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What a year it's been! Very busy on this end. Just got done updating the Locus Covers and Locus Inside Front Covers sections of the gallery.  If there are any pages, covers, or inside front covers that catch your eye, send me a message! Some are already sold, but many are still available. Now I gotta get back to work. Hopefully it won't take me another six months to update my account here! Jeez.
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I found out today that JP Morgan died. He was, by far, the best "funny animal" writer/artist ever.  He had no compunctions about tearing Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, the TMNT and everyone else a new asshole, and he did so in a way that cracked me up.  Between the situations, dialogue and crazy sound effects, you couldn't help but laugh. Back in the 80s, when everyone and their brother were doing funny animal comics, he created the most memorable characters, hands down.  Fission Chicken (the Chicken of WRATH!), his girlfriend Monica Feather, Normammu the Gnostic Gnu, P.U. Evolcraft, Skip Squirrelhard (P.I.)...the list goes on.  I started re
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Thanks for the watch, BRUH!
Thanks so much for the favs, man!  I'm glad you like my pretty butterfly demon.  And soon, soon I shall find Wal-Mart (probably next week) and get a means to mail you the hard copy of Locus in her kimono. :)
hey, big thanks for creating Locus and Silk and Honey. That's the best Webcomic I have ever red.
Really, and I have red a lot. I can't hardly think of something similary great (Okay... maybe Raven's Dojo...)
But, Beautiful art, brutal action, a rather intelligent and creative story, I am amazed.

Keep this fantastic universe alive!
Thank you!

It's alive and well. I'm currently working on the next Locus comic, Godslayer:

Just about to finish off issue 3! It'll be 12 issues total, so I'm already a quarter of the way through it.
Oh, f**k yeah!
Hey Adam! I love the Locus web-comic... i discovered it and could not stop reading it! I'm a big-fan now. I'm thinkin' about makin a Spook costume for Halloween, but if i do i gotta make it good, ain't lookin' to disrespect the image lol. Wonderful artwork though. how long have you been professionally in the art world? I'm starting a cartoony style comic, kinda like Simon's cat or Calvin & Hobbes. Lots'a good shtuff comin lol, just wanted to ask some questions if that's cool. Learn more 'bout the biz.

I've started a new account an gonna start putting all my artwork on there, this account is just for favorites. Once i get it up and runnin' check it out.

Thanks mate!
Hey Adam I found you on here (You know James Sheehan, the little one)