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Saving up for a HUION now :'D
Or a Lenovo Yoga laptop.

Soo my university life is over..
And the next chapter of my life is starting! So of course, I'll be needing money :'D
So how about commissioning me?

Commission queue:

But for now, here are updated prices, rules and et cetera:
Contacts via email: adalgeus(at)gmail(dot)com
Or Comment / Note
Some about the commissioning:

I can do:
:star: Pin Ups/ Seductive pose
:star: Nude art (frontal nudity, but I'm not into drawing genitals)
:star: Furry/ anthro
:star: Humans
:star: Couples (but no pornographical way)
:star: Portraits of characters

:star: offensive art (the biggest waste of time is to make hate art)
:star: rape, golden shower, weird fetish etc.
:star: pornography (children, yiffy, yaoi, etc)
:star: too much nudity (= private parts)

Art usage
:star: Gifts
:star: Character sheets for RPG etc

Preferred PayPal, but for Finns bank transfer/ tilinsiirto is ok too.
You can also pay me with Ko-fi's :

Art facts
Digital Art ONLY
Usually size A3, 350 dpi = good print quality
I prefer real currency (building a nest egg for the future), and it is EURO
Thou I occasionally offer cheaper point commissions too, to gain myself the core membership.
Please  read:

Lineart Commissions:
- 25 euro each
- additional character + 10 euro each
- more complex adds couple euros to price, because it takes more time
- busts 15 euro each

Lineart + Flat Colours Commissions

- 30 euros each
- additional character +15 euro each
- details add to the price a couple euro
DTA - Moon Festival Feathertail CE Practise by Adalgeuse Chufagon Leo by Adalgeuse  Chufa Sunrise Surprise by Adalgeuse 

Lineart + Flat Colour + Simple Shading

- 35 euro each
- details add to the price a couple euro

Type Collab - Water - Normal Seaking by Adalgeuse Type Collab - Normal - Mega Pidgeot Shiny by Adalgeuse Type Collab - Normal - Herdier Normal by Adalgeuse  

Lineless with colour Commissions

(can do black'n'white and mono colours too)
- 40 euro each
- busts 20 euro
- additional character + 15 euro
- simple background +10 euro
- details add to the price a couple of euros

  Type Collab Fighting - Breloom Normal by Adalgeuse  PKMN Collab - Dhelmise by Adalgeuse Join the Dark Side - Ash-Greninja by Adalgeuse

Digital Painting Commission

- busts 50 euro each
- full body 70 euro each
- additional character + 20 euro each
- details add to the price a couple of euro
- more complex background adds 15 euro to the price
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