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Meredith hip armour walktrough

Sorry for the large size!

Randomly I started to make Meredith cosplay :'D
Knight Commander Meredith is from Dragon Age 2.

And I've been doing some experimenting, but here's the good progress I've done so far.

Remember, I'm no professional :'3
And I'm pretty sure this won't last in a show battle :'D

Feel free to use as a reference in similar projects :3

Also feel free to ask!

Good painting tutorial : Prop Painting Tutorial by *KamuiCosplay

Knight Commander Meredith (c) BioWare
The screenshots are from the game; I downloaded a mod for my Lady Hawke for she could use Merediths armour..
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Well, can I see other tutorials from you for merediths armour?:O
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Sorry for the late reply ^^;
That make take for a while :'D I'm busy with university assigments at the moment, but I shall continue it someday..
If you want to follow my other project process, check my tumblr accout

Also here are some others who have done the same cosplay costum:……
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The aged effect looks great!! Congratulations! :clap:
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I spy typos, mah friend. ;P

No joka tapauksessa, siistiä nähdä ihan kuvien kans miten sie oot noi tehny. :3 Jatka vaan samaan malliin! :D
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Just because I can ;D

Näitä kuvian on haaskaa otella :3
Dokumentointi taitaa olla verissä tai jtn xD

Danke :bow:
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Lookin' sweet, I've been toying with the idea to make some camping mat armor myself for a while too =)
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Thanks n__n
I've been doing some research/ test to make it a bit harder than it is, but so far not so much luck :'3
And fiberglass is out of question :'D
Or maybe in summer, when I can work outdoors in our balcony xD
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Only things that come to mind are lining it with cardstock or styrene, and styrene can't be found anywhere in Finland. Or at least I haven't found it.

I'm pretty sure fiberglass would just melt craft foam and camping mats, too.
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Jeah :/
Or coating with liquid plastic (like in here: [link]).
Oh, I wish I could get my hands on some EVA floor mats >_<'

Might be :'3
But I've been looking for non toxic alternatives for fiberglass resin. And I hope that they won't melt the camping mat :'D Or I have to first coat the mat with something...
But that shall wait for summer and better weather (it's still a bit too cold to do anything outdoors on the balcony xD).
Atlas101's avatar
There's a Smooth-On distributor in Finland, but Smooth-On's products are ridiculously expensive.

The EVA-mats ra basically the same stuff as the camping mat you were using (mats can be found in 1cm thickness as well). But EVA-floormats would come flat, and propably cheaper in larger amounts.
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Yeah >.<'
It's cheaper to order online from Europe :'D

Some camping mats are a bit too thick, thou :/ Like the blue one used here would not suit for gauntlets (it didn't held the form after heating as much as I wanted, for example).
And some EVA yoga mats seems promising, but are also expensive D: And too floppy/ soft.
The camping mat sold in Prisma (the green one) has a bit too rough texture for my taste :/
For example Meredith has smooth armour.. Also if I'm crazy enough to try Commander Shepard cosplay someday in the future, EVA floor mats has the perfect surface texture x3

But any closedcell-foam should do.
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Well, afaik EVA-mat doesn't come thinner than 0,5cm. But I may be wrong.

(Shepard? doitdoitdoitdoitdoit ^^)
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And I can always glue two layers of it together x3

I shall, but after I do also Hildegard von Krone (my roomie is also making a SoulCalibur cosplay, Setsuka x3 )
And Knight Commander Meredith (she's a badass!)
So I can get some armour building experience ;P
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Totally awesome! I wonder what's that craft foam called in finnish, i've been trying to find some with no luck at all.. But you are making the armor look like a real one :nod:
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Thanks n__n
Craft foam is softis in Finnish. You can find it from hobby stores like Sinooperi :3
But only in sizes A4. So they're kinda small :/
But in online shops they sell A3 sizes :'3
Just Google ;3
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